Answered It has come to my attention that you can't GBA off of Barrel kills. Why?

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  1. Like- It's just another form of damage. I get dust is a mess, but 90% of that is RDM already anyways.
    What makes barrels so unique?
  2. Fiz

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    You can GBA off of barrel kills.
  3. @Night and his mystery admin have slain me for this act.
  4. Shadow™

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    like prop kills? or barrel gun
  5. Night

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    So just here saying I didn't slay you for the false GBA, but the fact that you had mistaken veL as the one who was throwing props to you, when in reality it was YoAmTrash who was.
    This mystery admin you are talking about is @Spitefulvenom, I had asked in the super secret staff channels, as I told you in-game, that if for this scenario,
    Player A (veL) is just watching a prop fight, Player B (Trash) is the one throwing the props, Player C then kills player a for GBA. (This was your second defense after getting slayed)
    Spiteful then said that it isn't GBA, and is in fact RDM. Your wording of Barrel Kills makes the context totally different, as Trash was just throwing the barrels and did not damage you

    Here are the logs of that round
    Just looking at the logs, nobody was damaged or killed (What Trash was doing ignore everyone else) in the period of time when you killed veL to the time where the round started.

    That concludes my response.
  6. How's there a difference?
    It's either RDM or it's not. The amount of damage inflicted doesn't matter lmao.
    And I took 25 damage, I mentioned that explicitly in t he report
  7. Prop kills, sorry
  8. Pacifist

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    Question threads are not designed for debate. Please file a report or speak to an admin if you have further questions about this specific scenario. As far as the rules are concerned, you can be GBA with props.

    If you have further questions about the rules, feel free to reply here.
  9. Sorry. The initial way he worded it was 'You cannot GBA off of propkilling' when I asked in chat.