Answered Is walking into the enchanted death sword a Slay?

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  1. Okay i want to get this straight.
    In 1 round, on the map ttt_mc_jondome_f1.

    There is this Enchanted Diamond sword which 1-kills everybody.
    As i was standing still, just doing nothing. 2 people ran into it and i get slain 2 TIMES for RDM'ing.
    If this is a RDM, thats like standing on a fella T's C4 and waiting to let it blow beneath you so he killed you and he gets slain Even tho you have seen it and have eyes as normal people do.

    I CALL THIS BS (Sorry. But getting slain twice for this reason by a mod for that is just so much **********

    So in short: If i am standing still, not a single move. And he runs into the sword, so killing himself, IM getting a slay? But if i dropped it i wouldn't? Bruh...

    Here is a tag since i want a reply from a admin. Orion told me to.

    @Chris @andrewca79 @Noob999 @Rhienor @Solar
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  2. littlememe

    littlememe nothinglastsforever VIP Bronze

    It could be toxic for the players who run into you
  3. Aquast

    Aquast lordy was here :barefoot: VIP Bronze

    If you're holding the sword, the responsibility is prolly yours
    but if they ran into the sword on purpose i guess that would fall under toxic gameplay

    edit fuck i got sniped
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  4. Even then. I didn't move. i i walked into them to kill them sure i can understand. But i didn't move at all. just standing still. a lot of people laughed since they ran into it even.
  5. Acnologia

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    Holding the sword (while enchanted) is traitorous. There's a reason only traitors are preferable people to use it. You're the one at fault since you picked it up knowing it kills even at a single touch. If someone walks into it on purpose, a decent staff member would have evidence of them admitting to it and get discretion to warn or get a ban/slay on them too.

    I'm not an admin but I've gotten slain for simplying picking up the sword and killing 2 people by accident with it, resulting in around 6 slays on my account since Jondome was readded for that very reason :woot:
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  6. littlememe

    littlememe nothinglastsforever VIP Bronze

    Its toxic and they can get slain for it. I just don't know what the mods saw on the Death Scene which made them slay you.
  7. Both people behind me, being a accidental killer okay i can understand a slay. But them purposely running into it and then not wanting to admit that should slay them. And not me.
  8. Squidd

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    Maybe just dont hold the sword. Just causes problems.
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  9. Rhienor

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    Hey, you were killed for this RDM
    We recently introduced diamond sword kill logging and you were slain twice for these two kills. I wasn't online when it happened and don't have the deathscene, but it makes sense from what I can see.
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  10. Orion

    Orion He is Exalted Administrator VIP

    This kind of thread is really unwarranted. In-game, I explained every single detail of why I was slaying you and you still decided to ignore the facts that I presented. I then told you to go talk to any admin if you had any doubt about it and pointed you to the forums so you'd ask an admin of your liking with the exception of PixeL, since he is from Deathrun and wouldn't know how to properly answer a question based on TTT. Instead you made this thread, really uncalled for, not giving the full context and still refusing to acknowledge the rules. When I told you to talk to an admin, I meant privately. Not making a drama thread like this that can potentially harm my reputation as well as the staff team's.

    It's basically turning into a report by this point so I might aswell provide some evidence.
    I did talk to an admin, unlike what people are thinking and they responded with the following:


    If they want to have a say in this, it's completely fine but I'm not gonna throw them under the bus like that out of nowhere. I didn't even mention their name in-game.
    Now for the moment where you killed those 2 persons.

    The first person didn't even know that you were holding the sword an inch away from their face. For that, I gave you a slay. At first I wasn't going to slay for the second one since indeed it is common sense that they just walked into the sword on themselves and you were just standing there, but I asked the admin about it and they told to slay. There is no reason for you to be holding the sword especially in a main passageway.

    I didn't slay the traitor that ran into the sword because I knew they weren't doing it on purpose. The guy was a new player trying to win his T round. It's quite clear that he didn't mean to run into the sword on purpose. He walked thru the door without looking properly and stumbled upon the sword, killing him.
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  11. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    Killing people with the enchanted sword for no reason is RDM, even if it is an accident. But if proven that players are intentionally getting themselves killed in order to get you slain (not just via the enchanted sword, it could be via running on incendiaries on isolated locations, etc.), it could be dealt with a different protocol (i.e., toxic gameplay on their part).

    P.S. The screenshot Orion posted was him having a conversation with me, haha. If you have any further clarifications, you can ask me directly through a private message.
  12. I'm sorry i made a full thread since i thought you meant a thread. I don't know how to talk privately with a specific admin on the forums (I'm not that big expert on forums).

    As for the video, the first guy came a few seconds later for me, maybe 1 or 2 so i think i just lagged there for myself and seen that differently (I aswell acknowledged that the first one was slayable as i wasnt there that long). But for the second one it pretty much seemed intentionally and I personally don't really understand why i have to be slain for him walking into it... I guess its the rules but I aswell think that should be changed/added to the extended rules so only 1 guy has to be slain instead of 2.

    This wasn't still clear of me. The only thing i have gotten literally is that it was because one admin told to.
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