Is Juno a Girl?

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  1. thog

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    rip juice wrld
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  2. Nuno

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    Hey, @Juno ジュノ I'll always support your choices, If you ever wanna just talk or any guidance, I'm always open ears, being trans, and closeted must be extremely difficult and I and others are always here to support you.

    I never really heard you or spoke much to you, however, if I ever did do something wrong, my apologies, and I'm hoping the transition goes better in the future, without judgement - many of us face judgement for our sexuality and all, it will never be a perfect world babe, we just try our best to stay safe.
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  3. RhazhBash

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    This thread is getting locked as a preventative measure, since it seems like it won't take much for this thread to get out of hand again.

    For the people calling transgenderism a mental illness, I'll admit their posts are well researched, but after looking into their sources and comparing them to this article from the WHO, the fact that transgender people have higher rates of mental illness could easily be explained by how people treat them. Not everyone fully accepts transgender people, and that's a harsh reality that can affect someone's mental health. You could argue that my single source isn't enough to counter all the other sources in this thread, but the reality is that the less people accept them, the more likely they are to become mentally ill. Hell, even Juno's own mom might not accept her if she finds out. Whether or not you agree that this is the main reason for increased rates of mental illness, there's no questioning that it feeds the fire.
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