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Introducing: Public Test Server

Discussion in 'News' started by Opalium, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Lil Pupper

    Lil Pupper VIP+ Bronze

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  2. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    The amount of people basically begging to be credited because they said a test server would be a good idea at one point is hilariously sad.
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  3. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    but dude i totally called it like cmon
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  4. Drunk Dog

    Drunk Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP+

    why i get an email bout this
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  5. Bacon Bombs

    Bacon Bombs Elite

    Can’t wait to hop on and help out! This sounds like a lot of fun
  6. TomCat™

    TomCat™ MVP Emerald

    Plz. I made an entire suggestion thread for it!
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  7. Tedelicious

    Tedelicious A big teddy bear Moderator MVP Silver

    A free way to kill my fellow staff members in a gungame. Count me in!!

    But for a more serious note.
    I am happy then happy to acompany you during EU hours :cool:
  8. .Zyp file

    .Zyp file #ZypUp VIP Bronze Iron

    I did too partially.
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  9. dazza

    dazza (Un)Official Ed Sheeran Elite

    is hacking allowed? for testing purposes of course
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  10. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Owner Developer VIP Silver

    You can hack. But only once, until you're banned.
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  11. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    Gotta keep all those Moderators on their toes somehow.

    On a different note, great job Opal, keep up the great work!
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  12. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    /me coughs collinmrcc, cherious, etc
  13. hey that includes you for using wallhacked weapons and questionable macros (and maybe me and 20 other people including some staff)
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  14. niceu sign me up!
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  15. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    >wallhacked weapons

    and if they take my macros I'll crash the servers with my hitbox backdoor
  16. you can't insert any arbitary code in a .qc :whistle:
  17. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    Thats what everyone thought.
  18. well Vscript could be inserted into a .qc, but Vscript is only available in the L4D2, Portal 2 and CS:GO bramch

    so stop ur lies
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  19. LordyHGM

    LordyHGM VIP

    hol up we can actually mass test the fun round ideas.. the skin suggestions.. the map proposals.. the.. the.. everything people have been begging for..!

    and more importantly be told by everyone why they're wrong/right to recommend things with first hand experience
  20. Texas

    Texas Elite

    Can we test out the Texas gun
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