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  1. Opalium

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    "Like early-access - but functioning"

    Hello, SGMers!
    After quite some time on my to-do list, I am very glad to announce our newest project: SGM's Public Test Server.

    What is the Public Test Server?
    The public test server (or PTS for short) is a special server instance, separate from the rest of our servers, that acts as our "testing grounds" for new content and changes. New content, changes to existing content and other features will be installed on the PTS during their development, allowing the players to give them a try and gather feedback, discover bugs and highlight issues. From weapon changes to new systems and features, most of our development work will now first be tested on the PTS before being implemented in the live servers. This additional step in the development process will help us in the creation of higher quality and better tested content; help assuring our changes fits well to our servers and the type of gameplay our players are after; and help decrease the time it takes us to implement changes and features.

    How does it work?
    Due to its nature, the test server does not operate like our regular servers.
    There are a few important differences:

    • Availability: the PTS is not guaranteed to always be online. It will be brought online during tests for a duration, and is likely to be shut down once said test is complete. These durations can vary between a few hours to weeks, depending on what's being tested and the engagement of the community. Those tests will be announced to the public beforehand, with the date and the time the server is expected to be opened.
      The PTS may also sometimes be used for private testing sessions by the devs. If you see it online without being announced, or with a password, this is most likely the case. Public tests will always be announced to the community beforehand.
    • Environment: the PTS runs a special development build, which is different from the live servers. Many systems are partially or completely disabled on it, and other systems may work differently than in our live servers.
      In addition to this, the testing environment may be rapidly changing throughout tests. Everything in the PTS is non-final and is subject to changes at any moment. What worked last time may not work next time, or work differently.
    • Stability: the PTS is not meant to be a fully-fledged game server like the rest of the servers our community provides. It runs on a smaller, less powerful machine, and has a smaller player capacity than usual (16 players at the moment). In addition, due to being a testing environment, it is more prone to bugs, glitches and crashes. Due to all these, the server may not be as stable as our live servers, could suffer from lag spikes and crashes, and gameplay might not be optimal sometimes. Again, the PTS is not meant to be an actual game server, but rather a testing ground for the public. You are welcome to play on it when it's online, of course, but keep this in mind when you do.
    • Moderation: the PTS is not and will not be regularly moderated by our staff team. Rules will work differently in the PTS, depending on what's being tested. For instance, during weapon tests, RDM offenses might not count. This heavily depends on what's being tested, and proper instructions will be provided before each session begins. This is, again, due to not being an actual game server. While staff members can still help out and take action against players when they are on it, this is not guaranteed. By playing on the PTS, you should keep this in mind.
      However, even with this in mind, it doesn't mean anyone can just hop on and ruin everybody's experience. Troublemakers on the PTS are met with a very harsh and straight forward punishment: a permanent and irreversible ban from it. Unlike our main servers, access to the test server is a privilege, and can be revoked at any point if you misuse it; therefore, I highly recommend you to avoid causing trouble, as we won't show any leniency when it comes to the PTS.
    • Content: being a rapidly changing environment, the test server is likely to require more frequent downloads of assets and content (models, textures, sounds, etc). Apart from requiring SGM's official workshop addons, the PTS will also have its own workshop addon that will be updated a lot more frequently. This addon will be mandatory; you cannot connect to the PTS without it.

    Note: While a commonly used concept in the gaming world, the PTS is a pretty new concept for SGM. Like all new things, we may run into some issues at the beginning. This is a pilot and a learning experience for both the dev team and the community. While I hope the PTS will remain a permanent addition to SGM and continue to improve as the days go, I cannot guarantee this will work out on the longer run.

    Are You Ready?
    The server is expected to launch later this month. Details on the exact time, as well as the first test batch, will be posted soon, so keep an eye out!

    I hope you all will enjoy your experience with the PTS, and would like to thank you for helping us in the development of SGM. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them in this thread. Do note, of course, that like with any pilot, some details are still being worked out or may change in the future, so I may not be able to answer everything just yet.

    Stay awesome :love:
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  2. Opalium

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    As with every new release, the first days of our PTS project may be rough. Please understand this and be patient.

    I will update this section with Q&As as you people ask them. Come back and check it later again!
    • Q: How will ranks work in the PTS?
      A: Premium ranks are disabled in the PTS, as all of the tested content is available to everyone. Staff ranks will be identical to the live servers.
    • Q: How will the pointshop work?
      A: The pointshop in the PTS will only contain the tested content from the current batch. They will be free, of course.
    • Q: What about stats? Karma?
      A: Since the PTS is a separate instance from our servers, stats are not tracked there. As for Karma, it will be enabled or disabled depending on what's being tested, i.e. weapon tests.
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    Count me in.
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  4. lets make another server while our actual ones don't stop crashing (y)
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    woooow what a suprise
  8. The Memelord

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    This is gonna give me "PTS"D amirite guys?
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    neato burrito
  10. I watch Rick and Morty too
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  11. suggesting =/= calling

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  13. Opalium

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    This is unrelated to the crash issues. These are still being worked on.
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    Calling it
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    Why the hell would you vote this dumb? He's not wrong.
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    very nice
  20. Saturnity

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    Sweeeeeeet. Got a testing grounds for when people want stuff. Can't wait

    Well, that's not exactly the fault of Opalium. The server provider might just have some issues (Not sure if we use like normal servers from a company, or Opal has his own servers he put together) but either way, not much you can really do other than buying a new server.

    Kind of a balance, you either get good DDoS protection, or it doesn't crash. Server providers seem to have no good middle ground haha. If you want both, its expensive. There are some decent cheap ones but eh. Old server used to spend 180 monthly on just two servers, and they still sucked. Can't imagine its cheap in the first place considering we have 8 servers, not counting TeamSpeak.
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