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  1. Opalium

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    "Blurple is the new black"

    Greetings, SGMers!
    It's finally here. Today, I am very happy to (finally) present the newest addition to the SGM community: the SGM Community Discord.

    What is Discord?
    Discord is a text, voice and video chat platform for gamers, available for all major operating systems and mobile devices (iOS and Android). It's one of the leading communication platforms available today, offering high performance, low latency communication for the amazing price of absolutely nothing. Discord has gained incredible popularity in recent years - and for a reason. Many communities and groups choose Discord as their go-to platform to keep in touch with each other, and we are no different!

    The SGM Community Discord
    Today, we are introducing our official Discord server, the result of much work by myself and the developers of SGM. The server will serve as the main hub for our community members, where we can meet, chat, play and communicate together. Our server is cleverly integrated with many of the other services and games our community hosts, and through this we can provide some neat features that will make our experience better on all aspects.

    Much like our TeamSpeak server, the SGM Discord is built for the community to use for their convenience, through both text and voice. Other than the large variety of public text and voice channels available, users are able to easily create their own channels for whatever use they wish, and later on they will also be able to manage permissions and access to them.
    In addition, our Discord comes equipped with powerful management and moderation tools, provided by no other than the one and only...

    OpalBot: Beep Boop!
    With the introduction of Discord, we are also introducing SGM's very own assistant (and mascot), OpalBot.


    OpalBot, our Discord and Community bot, is a custom-made bot written from scratch by myself, specifically for our community. She will be in command of controlling the Discord server, assist in moderating it, manage users and integrations, and blessing us all with her one-of-a-kind personality.

    However, OpalBot's reach doesn't end with Discord. The team has been working on extending her abilities beyond just Discord, and soon enough she will also connect with our game servers, forums, and other services, to provide even more features for our ease.
    Of course, OpalBot is in constant development, and more features are added all the time. Music streaming, mini-games, points system, self-learning, and many more exciting things are on the way, so hang tight!

    With all this, OpalBot is soon going to become your new best friend - whether you want it or not. ;)

    SBridge: Shoutbox, but better


    One of the new and exciting features of our Discord is SBridge. SBridge is a special, custom-made system that seamlessly connects our Discord server with Shoutbox, allowing users on both platforms to communicate with each other as if they used the same chat. This allows for the best of both worlds, with Shoutbox receiving a major boost of power with its new Discord-powered engine and features like automatic moderation from OpalBot and enhanced management options; while still allowing those of us who prefer it to retain the same concept we all know and love for years now.

    In addition, Shoutbox has received a general backend update as well. For the most part, this is mostly behind-the-scenes stuff that shouldn't matter much for the end-user (though you may notice some more speed and less stutter); however, one feature that SHOULD matter to everyone is the addition of Shoutbox announcements:


    With announcements, our staff members will now be able to more easily send important messages to the community and make sure everyone is aware of them. Sorry guys, but you'll have to let go of the "I didn't see your warning" excuse. ;)

    DiscordLink: Connect. Empower.


    Last, but not least, we have DiscordLink. DiscordLink is another new system introduced in our update - once again, a custom-made system made from scratch by our team.
    DiscordLink allows users to link their Discord account with their forums account (and later on Steam account), enabling a whole new set of features and usages. Linking your account is easy and takes no longer than a few seconds, much like our Steam account linking, and in return allows us to provide you with the many benefits our systems provide.
    Account linking is done through a new dedicated page on our website, which you can visit by clicking the new "Discord" section at the very top of this page.

    Note: due to the way the system works, Discord account linking is permanent and cannot be cancelled or change at all, like Steam account linking. Please make sure you link the correct account to avoid issues.

    Are You Ready?
    Our Discord server will open its gates today, February 20th, 2018, at 3PM PST (6PM EST, 11PM GMT). The invite link and DiscordLink page will also become available then. We hope to see you there!

    On behalf of myself and the entire staff team, I hope you will enjoy your time in our Discord, make friends, and have a lot of fun. We are more than excited to finally bring this to you and once again expand our community, and hope you will make the best of it!

    Stay awesome,
    Opalium, Highwon, and the staff team
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  2. Opalium

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    As with every new release, the first day or two of our Discord project may be rough. While we did our best to tackle as many problems as possible during the beta period, some unexpected things may still happen. Please understand this and be patient - we will take care of those issues immediately if and when they are found.

    I will update this section with more Q&As as you people ask them. Come back and check it later again!
    • Q: How do I use OpalBot?
      A: OpalBot commands are executed by tagging her (@OpalBot) at the start of the message and then following with the requested command. For example: @OpalBot help - this will provide you with a list of the commands you can use.
    • Q: Can I talk to OpalBot in general?
      A: Yes! Just tag her in your message. She is constantly learning new things and will learn to better chat as the days go. Do note that while she already knows how to respond to many things, she is still learning. Therefore, you're probably going to receive a lot of generic responses. That's part of the fun, though! Note, however, that sliding in her DMs won't be of much use, as she doesn't respond to those at all.
    • Q: How do I request the help of the staff?
      A: Use the staff command (@OpalBot staff). OpalBot will send you a DM with the details on how to use it.
    • Q: How do I create my own channel?
      A: Use the channel command (@OpalBot channel), and OpalBot will send you a DM explaining what to do. Note that abusing this command will result in a punishment.
    • Q: Can I lock my custom channel to only my friends?
      A: Yes! You can set your channel to private mode and control who can join it using the access command.

    • Q: Why is OpalBot so mean?
      A: She is not mean! She is just very... elitist.
    • Q: Are there any other additions to Shoutbox we should know of, except for announcements?
      A: Yes indeed! /shrug, /flip and /unflip are now available in Shoutbox as well. They work exactly like in Discord.
    • Q: With shoutbox announcements now being a thing, what does it mean for... *gasp* red in shoutbox? :eek:
      A: Indeed. With the introduction of our new systems for proper announcements and staff requesting, red is now allowed in Shoutbox. However, before you join the brigade of over-using red, remember that the eye straining color rule is still in place - so do not use any shades of red that are too difficult to read.
    • Q: What's going to happen with TeamSpeak now?
      A: As of right now, the plan is to keep our TeamSpeak server running as long as there is demand for it. However, we will be minimizing our support for it (less staff activity), and we encourage everyone to start using our Discord server instead. Discord provides all the same functions you have in TeamSpeak, and then some more. TeamSpeak is, unfortunately, very dated technology, and its popularity is rapidly decreasing already (we rarely have any users in it anyway). If the demand for TeamSpeak further dies out, we will probably shut it down.
    • Q: I linked my Discord account but did not receive my roles/I purchased a new rank on the forums but did not receive it on Discord! What to do?!
      A: Try using the refresh_roles command (@OpalBot refresh_roles). It should solve the problem. If not, go to the Discord page on the forums and click "Refresh your account link".
    • Q: I found a bug/issue with the Discord. What do I do?
      A: Please create a bug report here:
      Q: I have a suggestion for Discord or for OpalBot. Where can I post it?
      A: The general suggestions forum:
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  3. Acnologia

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  4. TomCat™

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    This is exciting
  5. Siddo

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    Thank you :LOL:
  6. Flan

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    I can finally use red in shoutbox without mods getting triggered over it
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  8. Bravo

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    So can I use red in shoutbox now or do I need to wait for the few hours before the discord goes live?
  9. Pacifist

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    I am fairly certain you won't be attacked by staff for using red in shoutbox now.
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  10. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff Elite

    Thank god we are getting an official one. I just signed onto the unofficial discord server yesterday and I felt like it needed more censorship and staff jumping in and saying "Please take this somewhere else".
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  12. So we get 100k points for joining discord right?
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  13. Xproplayer

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    To everyone who voted my allow red in shoutbox thread dumb. SMD now haters [​IMG]
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  14. Hyper ✿

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    This'll make or break Teamspeak. Let's see how it goes.
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  15. wasnt the first discord that sgm created was the minecraft building team :sneaky:

    but finally
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  16. Flan

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    Basically everyone in sgm lol
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  17. sam.

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    i accidentally linked the wrong discord account. anyway to fix this?
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  18. Robokiller87

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    im already bored
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  19. Graze

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    Well it's a good thing we aren't exactly looking to cater to only you with the launching of the discord server.
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