[interest check] drunken game night

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    In all honesty, it will be impossible to manage if the players actually drink when or what they are supposed to. But it can also be seen as another type of gamenight, where people who want to drink may drink if they want to. And people who just wanna chill and have a fun time without being drunk or drinking can join as well o.o

    Then people wont need to fake drinking to be in.

    I believe something like this happened in the past where I joined in on some people being drunk and playing drinky games, and I just faked it so I could play with the peoples.
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    You faker!
  3. Voca

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    Ew I dont wanna be a League Pro
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    This is the most SGM thing I've ever read.
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    Tbaiters tact disappears when drunk :/
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