[interest check] drunken game night

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by plz rename me to ayygurl_, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. idk this could maybe be fun, we could also do some drinking games while playing.

    rate creative if interested
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  2. Echo

    Echo screwdriver VIP+ Silver

    It won't be an official SGM thing just 'cause. SGM don't like drunks. Although as an unofficial thing it could be fun.
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  3. Tophats

    Tophats VIP

    yass kween +1
    i love our talk
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  4. i'm worried it'd be plain cringe but we have time to figure out that kind of stuff
  5. Floof

    Floof MVP Silver

    hell yeah dont forget to invite the illegals... I mean what?
  6. wut
  7. RB1008

    RB1008 VIP

    U wrote this while doubting wether or not to open up ur cider @ 3 pm?

    Anyhow...might be fun, depending on what we use. Also difficult due to the difference in alcohol in different countries. U'd have to use a regular brand liquir or wodka or somethin
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  8. yea lol

    no biggies, people can just take what they have tbh
  9. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm Karma drain Administrator VIP

    tequila for every time killed while proven (ambulamb required)
    firebomb for every fire bomb

    intense regret for every drink come morning
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  10. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    +1 down af
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  11. alright idk how to organise this lol
  12. Floof

    Floof MVP Silver

    And a bullet to the head for every karmaban
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  13. Lion

    Lion Ryan's Favorite Admin Banned VIP

    seems neat
  14. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm Karma drain Administrator VIP

    i'm sure drunk dog would love to play that one lol
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  15. Floof

    Floof MVP Silver

    @Drunk Dog
  16. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

    Drunk Dog Christmas Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    is this a bad time to announce my 2 weeks sobriety
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  17. lol
  18. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    Naaa fam, keep it up :)
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  19. Tedelicious

    Tedelicious I'm a bear in the team of Deer. Moderator MVP Silver

    How about the people that do not get drunk fast enough
  20. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm Karma drain Administrator VIP

    Double up, who needs a liver?
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