Incendiary bug?

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Syn, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Syn

    Syn VIP

    I was on dust2 on west. Silly threw an incen and it was completely invisible. I asked him about it and he said he has the Christmas skin for it. I never got to test further (for obvious reasons) but that is broken if this can be repeated. Can a staff member test this and confirm?
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  2. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Moderator VIP Emerald

    Was probably a one time thing if anything.
  3. Hongo

    Hongo VIP+

    Did they throw the grenade into a certain place?
  4. Peach

    Peach sweet c: VIP Silver

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  5. Syn

    Syn VIP

  6. Syn

    Syn VIP

    it was in the connector between the inside of B and mid doors
  7. Scuffed Water

    Scuffed Water #TheScuffedStaff Moderator VIP Bronze

    Yeah this has been a long reoccurring problem. It just has kinda happened for a while
  8. Syn

    Syn VIP

    ah alright