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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by idkmyusernamedude, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. Explain the case:
    Can I get unbanned, I was banned for leaving server I assume, my name is Aros​
    Related Evidence:
    no clue​
  2. oops think this is the wrong appeal thing.
  3. PiggyBlade ☣

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  4. ptownslayer21

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    I have seen this and will respond once I have gathered my evidence
  5. ptownslayer21

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    So let's get this going shall we...

    So here is the report that got you banned...

    It was clear that this was a kill off of sus since you admitted to it in your report response and as @A Slightly Spoopy Czar Knockout said it was clear in the death scene that you did not see the kill. Someone else could have easily done it. As you have an RDM and Leave 1st ban that is currently active you should know better than to leave with a report that is still active. I was a little backed up on reports as there was a bit of discussion with one from another map. When you left in round three I waited a bit for you to come back and you didn't and I banned you on the next map.

    Out of good faith I will unban, but I will not void. The next offense will be third. If you need to leave and have a report that needs to be taken care of don't be afraid to ask in adminchat.

    Appeal: ACCEPTED
    Thread: CLOSED
  6. Teroxa

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    Hey there @idkmyusernamedude

    A little birdie told me you also meant to appeal your other currently active ban.
    Your other ban is for RDM & leave (1st Offense), by me.

    Here's the report that lead to your ban:

    What you describe isn't t-baiting. And it also isn't a t-act according to our rules.
    As you can already tell if you look at the screenshot, the report was valid and I issued a slay.

    The next round you then left the server while slain.


    This was your first Offense. Seeing as you have no previous history, apart from one old RDM & leave, and 2 Karmabans I'll go ahead and accept this appeal.
    I'll unban you, but this ban will remain on your record. Please be more careful next time. This is an act done in good faith. If you get banned again, your appeal will likely not be accepted.

    ~ Teroxa

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