I Wombo Comboed Too Hard

Discussion in 'Farewells' started by ThatAintFalco, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. ThatAintFalco

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    Hey everyone, I have decided to resign from the staff team because I've started to lose interest in staffing at the moment and I have a lot to handle on my plate when it comes to college and work and figuring things out in my life. I've been thinking about this for some time and now that time has unfortunately come.

    For the past few months I've been a moderator, I have started seeing sort of a downfall when it came to the playerbase and the amount of toxicity that occurs from time to time. I wanted to become staff to try the best of my ability to help out the community and give out some of my ideas on what we could add or improve on. Now I know a lot of people didn't want me as staff to begin with or they despise me in any way, but to be honest I'm not really affected by it. I don't really pay attention too much of what others think of me because I try to be who I am and that is your all around god TTT player.
    Not gonna really give out specific tags since I enjoyed every moment with pretty much everyone who still remains currently on SGM, but I wanna also say thank you to the admins and higher ups for giving me an opportunity to be on the team with you guys. I will miss you all very much and don't work up yourselves too hard. I'll be back on the staff team at some point but for now I just need to figure things out on what I want to major in for college and what particular field I'm interested in doing for a few years. I'll still be playing on the servers as much as I do now, but I wanted to make this farewell just so everyone knows that I resigned.

    Thank you- Falco

    P.S. Mario is my favorite character in Smash Bros
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  2. uh oh

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  3. DrkSephy

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    very stinky.
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  4. Peach

    Peach sweet c: VIP Silver

    I know I've said this a lot by now but I'll say it again here. Thank you for being an awesome mod. You were my first pickup and definitely didn't disappoint :cat:
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  5. le Jack$on

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    later dood
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  6. Kyuu

    Kyuu The True Trap of SGM VIP

    Love yah please be well <3
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  7. Noccam :^)

    Noccam :^) Regular Member

    Another one bites the dust. Farewell Falco, I am afraid to see which mod is next! :cautious:
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  8. Pacifist

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    Tis a real shame that you are leaving us. Come back someday man! :)
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  9. SavannahBanana

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    Fuck another staff buddy gone :(
    take care my friend <3
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  10. eks dee

    eks dee Perfect candidate for deathrun admin Moderator VIP Bronze

    *sad eks dee noises*
    Yet another great person leaves
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  11. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    Fully appreciate it man, thank you for being a wonderful admin. You didn’t disappoint me either. ;)
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  12. .shirt

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    Dang Falco, see you around soldier.
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