i dont get alert

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by CTALIN, Jan 8, 2017.


    CTALIN Banned VIP Silver

    I just created new thread in off topic its has lot of comment but i am not getting any alert i checked my alert preference but everything is enabled
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  2. Sinz

    Sinz crumble Banned Legendary

    You don't get alerts when people reply to your threads unless you have the thread watched.
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    CTALIN Banned VIP Silver

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    CTALIN Banned VIP Silver

    Its ninz who helped me but his comment disappread for some reason :eek:
  5. Kinky Elvis

    Kinky Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    If you aren't watching the thread you won't get any alerts.

    Also if you leave a thread with an un viewed post,any post after that won't give you alerts.