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  1. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

    What does everyone hate? Spam. And what is being done right now? Exacly you guessed it. I'm already annoyed at the 'join the discord' messages that's why I'm proposing to make a system for messages like:

    - Join the discord: https:/discord.gg/sgm1239812381|
    - Need Textures? www.seriousgmod.com/threads/legitimate-free-counter-strike-source-textures.54713/
    - Visit our forums at https://www.seriousgmod.com

    The 'Visit our forums at https://www.seriousgmod.com' message is already being sent automaticly by the server, why not include the new ones that staff have to send? And preferably this would be toggleable in F1 just like the gameplay tips.

    This would fix:
    - Multiple staff members saying the messages soon after another
    - A sad Yellow everytime he sees the message
    - People who already have joined the discord/forums wouldn't have to see that message every time
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  2. Yellow

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  3. MintMin7

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    i hate women good idea tho
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  4. Hummgy

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    -1 (just cuz you +1'd your own suggestion)
  5. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    We are trying to get the discord message added into the rotating server messages as well as a !discord command that would automatically launch a link to join the discord (kind of like the !bhop command on deathrun).

    Staff having the join discord bind is a temporary thing until/if we get the above implemented