I am not able to get the silver rank in deathrun.

Discussion in 'Donations' started by sNAppy-TurTle, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. sNAppy-TurTle

    sNAppy-TurTle VIP Silver

    The following error occurred:
    Unable to purchase Silver for sNAppy-TurTle. They might already have the rank, have an active subcription for the rank or they might be a higher tier rank.

    This message pops up at checkout, I'd like to be able to donate but it seems impossible. I can donate to vip + and to the gold rank. So if untill I can get silver on deathrun could I donate another way and you grant me the rank?
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  2. Rek

    Rek Ø

    @Highwon should be able to figure this out for you.
  3. Highwon

    Highwon Owner MVP Silver

    This should be fixed now. Try again.
  4. sNAppy-TurTle

    sNAppy-TurTle VIP Silver

    Thanks so much, worked.
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