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  1. Hummgy

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    Killed 4 people. One was rdm. I was banned for mass rdm.

    First person I killed: accidently rdm. I was throwing a prop at someone preround. I tried to throw it one last time against the timer in the same spot (note in the video the person had moved away, so I was trying to throw a prop at an empty spot. Was trying to work on my aim) but I let go of it too late and it killed one person (which I didn't even know about until I got reported by him).

    Well, I turn to my left and I see an unided body (the person I had killed but literally didn't know I did BECAUSE I DIDNT SEE WHERE THE PROP WENT NOR WAS IT WHERE I WAS AIMING). I see two people standing by it, but I think "huh doesn't really matter, lemme go ID it". However, when I went to go ID it, one of them had moved in my way, blocking me. Since a couple of seconds had passed since me initially seeing the unided body to when the guy started moving, I assumed (as any innocent would) that this non-afk was not IDing a body, so killed him. Thats when the second person who was standing next to the body turned to me with their AK. Since they were 1) also near the body 2) WAS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT IT, I felt I was completely in my right to kill the person for not IDing the body.

    NOTE that both of these kills were for not IDing a body. Lovisa made the claim that since I was the one who killed the person, it was toxic of me to kill them for it. HOWEVER, that point is mute for two reasons: 1) as I explained in the first paragraph and will become clear in the video, I didn't know the person was killed by me. So me, as an inno, was thinking "oh those guys aren't IDing a body" not "oh boi those guys aren't IDing the guy I killed, lemme be toxic." 2) even if I had killed the person on purpose/known about the fact that I killed him, there is no rule (that I am aware of) that prevents me for killing for an unided just because I killed the person.

    Finally, the last person I killed was shooting at me. As you see in the video, I heard shooting behind me, blood spraying around me (meaning that he hit me but not my hit box), and as I turned around I see a man using a huge to shoot at me, so of course I wasted the dude.

    I think the worse part about all of this was the way Lovisa treated the situation. First, she banned me without even letting me defend myself in any sort of way. Secondly, when I messaged her on the SGM discord she refused to even listen to my points, eventually just ignoring me.

    She claimed that the last guy I killed was only shooting the ground, so he was technically rdm. If that was the case, that means I rdmed 2 out of 4 people: not mass rdm. Her excuse for calling my second and third kill rdm was that "its toxic to kill people for no IDing your kills". She just claims toxicity, assigning a motive to kills that were not toxic at all, since I had no idea that I had even killed the guy.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
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    Hi, you were banned by @Lovisa for Mass RDM, please be patient for her response.

    For future reference, your steam ID is STEAM_0:1:65044380
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  3. Lovisa

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    I've seen this and will gather my evidence, please be patient :)
  4. Lovisa

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    Right so let’s get into this.

    First things first here is the links to all of the logs/reports for you 4 kills.
    I apologise if the quality is bad, some of these I screen shot in game and others are screen shots from my recording.
    Death scene for all here:
    You can see here that you killed 4 players within the first 30seconds of the round. For your first kill you started the round by throwing a pig into the corner of the map containing 3 players, which even though you threw Pre round, you killed them as soon as the round started. The second and third kills happened after you noticed the unided body beside those two players (that you ad just killed 4 seconds ago) not only did they not notice the body, but there was not enough enough time considering the round had only just started, not to mention your are responsible for the unided body that you killed both of them for from your first kill. The 4th kill a player comes up near you and is shooting a huge at the ground.
    To which you started firing back, damaging him first (as seen in logs). The player then retreated and like you said above, “so of course I wasted the dude”. So to no surprises I then banned you for mass rdm (1st).

    Then you tagged me in discord asking about the situation to which you explained your pov, and I explained my reasoning for the kills being invalid here:
    You claim that they were blocking you from IDing the body for a few seconds to which they did not, as you can see in your video you did not even try and get past the player closest to the unided, and instead completely mowed them down, Ided it and then turned to the 2nd player and mowed them down too. You claim they were looking directly at it, and it was in their line of sight, but again you had still caused that unided, whether you claim to have known that or not. For your 4th kill I was on the fence about it seeing as he was shooting, but he was shooting the ground near you. After looking at the death scene and your video evidence you can clearly see he was only shooting at the ground and like I said above “So of course I wasted the guy”.

    Even if you didn’t notice you were the one who threw a prop towards 3 players and then didn’t notice one mysteriously died, I believe that as soon as you saw any opportunity to kill a player you took it. There is no way you didn’t notice your report coming in and didn’t know that you had just actively killed 4 players in the space of 30seconds.

    Considering this is one of your many mass rdm bans, it kind of speaks for itself in saying that you have consistently mass rdmed players. After reviewing the evidence and talking with my admin, I have been given discretion for this to be a 2 week toxic gameplay ban.
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