How to make a good weapon/playermodel suggestion

Discussion in 'Player Model & Weapon Suggestions' started by Enigmatica, Jan 24, 2015.

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    1. Do your research. Have other servers used the playermodel or weapon? What are others saying about it? Anyone find bugs or glitches with it?
    2. Download it for yourself and try it out. Additionally, if the file is huge (50mb+ for a model, 10mb+ or so for weapon), don't bother. We try to keep our downloads small.
    3. Consider the fact that since we now have a great deal of addons, any new suggestions will likely replace a current addon. So if you want to suggest a new weapon or playermodel, be sure that it is better than a current one and perhaps even suggest which addon it will replace.
    4. Provide a workshop link, Youtube video, screenshots, etc in your post so we can easily get an idea of what you are suggesting.
    5. State why you are suggesting it. What will your suggestion add to the server that we don't already have? Why do you think players will like the addon?
    6. Add a poll that lasts for a week. Provide a simple rating scale or Yes/No and don't make complicated choices. A poll is an easy way to gauge community acceptance of a suggestion and will improve its likelihood of it being added if the poll shows a high number of acceptance.
    7. Search before suggesting. If it has been suggested before, either reply to that thread or leave it.
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