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How many bans do you got?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Death, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. TrinityBlade

    TrinityBlade They question the king upon leaving. Banned Gold VIP

    No, he meant that I might do the same thing again if it was removed from my history.
  2. Floof

    Floof MVP Silver

    I Know that. He should have given you the benefit of the doubt though tbh since You were clean and a regular.
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  3. Timo654

    Timo654 +1 my mod app VIP Silver

    a few bans
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  4. Queen NoX

    Queen NoX Chaotic VIP

    Need one here asap, but they only got my shoutbox. How smart
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  5. a n d y ツ

    a n d y ツ yass queen Moderator Elite


    I like it when people walk into the diamond sword I'm holding (y)
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  6. Jake

    Jake Brother of megaboy (RIP) VIP


    loopholing one is some bullshit but the rest are accurate

    oh and i have like 6 shoutbox bans
  7. MoonSlice

    MoonSlice Gold VIP

    how tf did you get caught ghosting after playing thislong
  8. Jake

    Jake Brother of megaboy (RIP) VIP

    people camping in the secret room on a fun round and me getting impatient with a nub
  9. MoonSlice

    MoonSlice Gold VIP

    big F ://
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  10. Floof

    Floof MVP Silver

    I swear to god can someone change the name of this thread from “got” to “have” please?
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