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have u seen me around?

  1. yeah i’ve seen you!

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  2. who are you?

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  1. wubby

    wubby balls Administrator VIP Bronze

    well hi,

    i haven’t done one of these in years.
    so erm here we go:)!

    my name is cole, known as wubby
    i live in arizona and i’ve been playin on serious TTT for around 3 years
    also im a junior in high school

    I quit for a few months, but now I am back.
    My old username was “The Daily Goose” so s/o if you remember me

    My goal is to meet everyone and try to become friends with everyone here.

    I’m pretty friendly and love talking to people, so hmu on discord if u wanna talk (wubby#0001)

    About my personal life hmmmmm

    I play basketball so thats cool

    I was an original xbox gamer at first for around 8 years of my life, but I got my first PC on christmas 4 years ago. I’ve been in love and interested with computer ever since. I saved up my money for 2 years that I’ve earned, to build a PC for the very first time. My first PC was pretty trash, so I was extremely excited to build a good and my first ever PC.

    I’ve been taking some engineering classes, and coding classes, as I want to major as a software engineer in college.

    My dream job would be an engineer or imagineer at Disneyland or Disney as a whole I guess. I love everything about disneyland. I’ve almost watched every documentary about it, and how it was build, and how they do the insane effects they do on rides.

    annnnnd my favorite music artist is polo g. he’s gonna be one of the goats when it’s all said and done with. go listen to him if u dont know about him :)

    Idk If I went too far about myself but that’s a few things.

    I hope we’ll meet on TTT!
    Enjoy the rest of your day :)

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  2. sleepy panda

    sleepy panda A panda that may be sleeping VIP Bronze

    Played with you and you're really chill. Welcome back!
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  3. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Hello, welcome back!
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  4. SavannahBanana

    SavannahBanana I Love Bananas :D VIP Emerald Bronze

    Welcome :)
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  5. PwnageKO

    PwnageKO "I'll be seeing you on the forums." VIP

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  6. Welcome :turtle:
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  7. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    vaguely remember vaguely seeing you around. Hi.
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  8. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

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