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  1. I already hate you all k bye have a nice day.
    EDIT: I added a fullstop to the end k bye have a nice day.
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  2. GunAndBomb

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    See ya
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  3. Super Ultra Mega Name Stealer

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    m8 pls
  4. Yuuki

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  5. Desert

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    Hi???? (Welcome to the Forums!)
  6. Dr. Disco

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    *rates friendly*

    We love you too. <3

    Welcome...? I mean this is an introduction, right?
  7. NoTurkeyJustStuffin

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    Oh. Welcome to the forums still :)
  8. Destiny Blade

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    Oh ok bye dude! Hope to see you on the servers still?
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    ez $$$ for highwon
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  10. Anastesia

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    Hello I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. JackThePumpkin

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    Look how practical they are nowadays, farewell and introduction in one post.
    Gotta go easy on on those ratings am I right?

    Jokes aside, welcome to the forums my dude.
  12. Igneus

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    Welcome to the forums!(I think he might have posted in the wrong section)
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