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  1. hi
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  2. Togo?

    Togo? Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

  3. hiii
  4. Togo?

    Togo? Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

  5. Qaaap

    Qaaap 404 User not found. VIP

    Hiiiiiiii (Sorry for bad English.)
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  6. DarkLegion

    DarkLegion aka Alex VIP

  7. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty VIP

    Hello Jason!
  8. Agent A

    Agent A ordinary yet extraordinary Admin Legendary

    Hello. Salutations. Hi. Hola. Bonjour. Salut.
  9. Emily Lumenia

    Emily Lumenia VIP Silver Emerald

  10. Igneus

    Igneus VIP Silver

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  13. Pacifist

    Pacifist Viva La Gloria Admin Elite


    (welcome to the forums???)
  14. [​IMG] hi just inslaving pokemon
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  15. Sir Clutch

    Sir Clutch they gonna talk bout me Banned VIP

    hi, that pic so big it coulda been a poster
  16. hello my friend

    hello my friend ciao amico mio Banned Elite

  17. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    Hi! Hope to see you around in-game
  18. Desert

    Desert Nein! Nein! Nein! VIP

    Hi, welcome to the forums!
  19. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard Banned Elite

    I'm not sure I wanna meet you after seeing these pictures you've posted
  20. dark of dutch

    dark of dutch The Dutchiest Dutch of all the Dutch Legendary

    I am sure that I wanna meet you after you posted these pictures.