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    I guess I should start this out with just explaining who I am. I am Wolftime a very new Garry's mod player (probably owned for 3+ years but, didn't get into it much till now > 50 hrs.). Anyway, ignoring the short time I have played in this game, I am very competitive and really take to new games attempting to get high tier quickly, I get an adrenaline rush relying on my own skills/abilities confidently to win things. Now, not to say I am not for fun, actually Garry's mod specifically is better for relaxing for me, it kind of switches off the constant competition vs other people. I have very outspoken opinions but, love a good discussion and believe arguments with no point can be extremely stupid and just a waste of time. I often play FPS games and anything else that can be even considered competitive. My favorite of these games would be TF2, CS:GO, and Dead By Daylight. But, if you can think of a game I probably play it, the only exception to this being MOBA's.

    I have been in many communities across steam and gaming as a whole, the main one of these being EGC but, avoiding getting into it, I am interested in seeing what this server has to offer and having been told that I am already on track to become a somewhat regular member of the community I believe its important to get who I am out there. I guess I could state what my username is and explain that in fact, I am not a furry. I know, its crazy. Someone with the username "Wolftime" does something other than lewd andromorphic characters but, yeah its just a username I created when I was I think 12? Whilst I am jumping around topics and don't really have much to say (I am kind of creating everything as I am going along). I am always interested in meeting new people, have no issues with being introduced to new groups, and am always just looking to have fun. I guess I should leave my post off with a question to those who have taken the time to read past all of this.

    What is your username and why did you choose it? Was there a direct reasoning or, just was cool/fun at the time.

    Expanding on my answer, I spent a few days stuck as my Gmail account (which I will avoid saying due to the extremely embarrassing username it brought upon me) I decided to choose my username based off of the youtubers I was watching at the time. Funnily enough, as I was first being introduced to the PC space and PC games in general, I was watching a popular Garry's mod YouTube channel called "VenturianTale" and, combining 2 words sounded cool to me, actually I think it was after the main owner of the channel (forgetting his name). Explained why he had chosen the username he had.

    Anyway, I know I rambled on about many different topics and this probably was not very organized nor allowed for much information about me to be shared soo, if anybody would like to ask questions feel free to respond to this forum post and I will try to be on top of it. I am always interested in meeting new people if you wanna contact me, my discord and steam account will be just below. Have a great day everyone I will see you around!

    Discord: Spookytime #0689
    (^Note, the pumpkin emojis don't exist here so copy them off my steam^)
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/wolftimee/
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    Damn yo, this has got to be one of the most elaborate intros I’ve ever read. It’s good to meet you bro. I have the same mindset when it comes to any game with a competitive mode. I always want to be the best and make the “stewie2k” plays, but in reality I’m absolute dogs shit at aiming so it usually ends with me tagging 3 people and then dying.
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    Hello, can't wait to fail to kill you with a shotgun because i can't aim
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  6. Hi, my name is Trash and I wanted to welcome you to the Serious Gmod forums, hope you can get a great experience here in the forums and in game with everyone. :)
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    Hey man, hope to play with you soon on the servers
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    Welcome to the forums and I Hope to see you in game soon as well
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