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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Matejio, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Matejio

    Matejio Active Member

    Hello guys I'm Matejio.
    I'm quite a old member but just didn't paid attention to some category's like the introductions hahahaha, not really a forum guy.
    So my name is Matej I'm from Croatia, I like hip-hop any playing games.
    Hope I have fun with you on Vanilla and EU :D
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  2. Azaelus

    Azaelus United til' I die VIP Emerald

    Heyo Matejio! Great to see you on the forums!
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  3. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    How's it going man, nice to meet you.
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  4. Agent A

    Agent A Neverending Story Admin Legendary

    Hello. I remember playing with you on both Vanilla and EU nilla servers Welcome to the forums.
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  5. Hi welcome, nice 47 as your profile pic its kind of pushing it IMO. But once again welcome.
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  6. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty VIP

    Hello Matejio, welcome to the forums!
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  7. Qwesi

    Qwesi VIP

    Welcome to the servers my man, hope to see you around.
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  8. Togo

    Togo Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

    I thought your profile pic was a swastika
    But welcome
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  9. GunAndBomb

    GunAndBomb Explosive Banned MVP

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  10. NoHackJustGood

    NoHackJustGood Hai :) VIP Silver

    Hay derz, welcome to the forums! :D