Harpoon War Changes

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  1. So me and a few other guys were talking about this after we died playing harpoon wars. But what if you could make it to where there are other kinds of harpoon wars.

    One way would be time limit of say 2 mins and infinite lives, winner determined by most kills in the time limit

    Another is instead of one life you get say 3 lives and its still fight till you are the last man standing

    Im not sure if these are even possible but it would be neat to consider and make our harpoon wars more fun.
  2. Longer "fun rounds" ?
  3. Xproplayer

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    I actually would like this as a seperate round, and maybe in addition to other rounds as well, set a 4-5 minute time limit and chances are itd be shorter than most rounds as people always end up camping.
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    It would probably create a lot of lag. Sounds fun though.
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