Harpoon visual Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Anastesia, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Anastesia

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    So when you throw a harpoon i have many times experienced that the visuals on guns becomes broken as this
    I know that you can fix it by record and then stop but if it's possible I would like to see this beeing fixed as you see on the picture it blocks your vision and makes it hard to see others when you aim(at least with ak)
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  2. yea this has happend to me a lot usually when spectating people in first person i only seen this bug with this with the AK
  3. Azaelus

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  4. dinner♥

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    It's their way of nerfing the ak.
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  5. Desert

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    I've encountered this bug many times, I usually just use the console record method, but if anyone has any other ideas that'd be great.
  6. Acnologia

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    Gonna bump this thread.
    I thought I would finally be rid of this if I were to apply skins but apparently not ;-;
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