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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SunDancer, May 22, 2018.

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  1. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    So I've been playing on the server for awhile and I haven't noticed people harassing each other until very recently where it seems that whenever I go on there is one people that makes it their soul purpose to get under my skin. Now I don't think that the mean spirited humor that goes on on most Gmod servers is harassment but when you get shit like people constantly trying to nitpick every little word you say, people treating you like dog shit for daring to ask a question about a callout or whatnot, people calling you harsh things just to provoke you, and stuff like that I think it's pass the realm of acceptable. I'm not gonna name names because I feel like if I did then we wouldn't be talking about harassment and instead we would be talking about if this or that people did this that and the other but recently I've been seeing a lot donater ranked players just be total assholes recently. And I don't mean saying stupid or mean spirited shit but just saying things that make you step back and say "why am I still playing on this server?" Again I'm not making this post to set out witch hunts but I'm making it to put it out to the community and to see if I'm the only one getting shit like this more and more as I visits the server. Hopefully I'm not the only one and hopefully I don't have to find a different server to play on because I really do like this server but some bad apples are spoiling the bunch and it's getting to be too much of a headache holding my tongue on this.
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  2. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    If someone is harassing you on a server, simply talk to a staff member or file a report against them. SGM does not promote harassment against other members of the community and will take appropriate action against these people.

    Also, this is the internet, people are bound to say a few mean-spirited words and you shouldn't let this discourage you from playing on the servers. If it becomes an issue though, just talk to a staff member.
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  3. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    Like I said I'm aware of the typical, mean spirited humor that goes on when it comes to Gmod and the problem isn't even a few people harassing me. The problem is that it seems like very time I go on there's someone that's just gonna try to provoke me until they leave or I do. If I feel like I'm being harassed and I still want to play then yes, I'll talk to a staff member but at that point why play anymore? I play TTT for dumb jokes and silly shit not for assholes that try to put me down.
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  4. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    There's always going to be people who are mean towards you, people who troll and people who are just dickheads. They only do this because they know that they will receive a reaction from it out of you. Honestly, the best thing to do is to report them or tell a staff member about the harassment. This way, the player can be punished for their actions.

    Just take it from this recent report where the harasser received a 2 week global ban: https://www.seriousgmod.com/threads/report-against-homer-simpson.48549/
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  5. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    You're not listening. I know that I can report these people. I know that staff members can deal with these people. I know that you guys have strong rules on harassment but what I'm saying that it seems like it's ramping up in frequency and that it's coming from people that are part of the community and not just some rando that started playing 2 weeks ago. Again I posted this to let it out to the community and see if I'm the only one starting to notice how frequent this is.
  6. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    Again, stop letting these people get to you. Whether they're regulars or not, it doesn't matter. People will always be mean. The reason the harassment is ramping up in frequency is due to it being exam season, summer is starting and it's just a shit time for everyone. Games are stress relievers and some people who have too much stress have to let it out by harassing others.
    If you ignore these people they'll find new targets until they eventually get bored.

    Besides, I don't see harassment increasing on the servers, this is a game and games are always this toxic.
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  7. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    So are people taking stress out on each other by harassing them or not? And should we care about the harassment because it's a game and toxicity and games might as well be one in the same according to you. You know this server wasn't what I thought it was. I thought it was one of the better ones but honestly no server on Gmod is good it seems, they are just different levels of mediocre tolerance tests. I'm done with this server and TTT in general. Gmod might as well be an art App on my desktop from now on.
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  8. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    All I'm saying is that when you play a game, you should expect a few people who are mean spirited to be there. I'm not saying that this is a good thing, because it certainly is not, but unfortunately it is a truth we must accept. Our server is fortunate enough to have a great staff team who will actually punish people for harassment, and you should seriously talk to them if you have a problem. It doesn't matter whether the members are regulars or not, they are held up to the same scrutiny, as they are supposed to.

    In my honest opinion, you need to stop letting people's opinions and thoughts get to you. If you ignore messages from these people, they will stop. I can assure you that.

    Also, don't leave this server/TTT/Gmod just because some people thought it would be funny to pick on you. If you do, then you are letting these guys win, and you are keeping the scum on the server so that some other innocent soul has to receive the abuse. Report them and let them receive the appropriate punishment, in hope that they will eventually learn and stop.

    If you do join the TTT server again and are being harassed, or if you need someone to talk to, pm me on these forums and I'll help. Also, don't feel scared to expose the rats.
  9. Cash

    Cash I staff the proper way VIP

    If they're a regular of the community, even better reason to report them for it. No point just going "oh man lets just not play ttt instead" cause they'll just continue the next time.
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  10. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    I think if you actually wanted to change my mind you'd do simple things that shows you respect me like realizing that I already addressed things and not acting like I don't know this that I repeated like 3 times that I did know this. But it doesn't matter. I'm not gonna be listened to and I just have to accept that and move on to a place that doesn't rival my job in how much it makes me want to rip my hair out.
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  11. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    Again, that's not the reason why I'm quitting but I'm not gonna type it again, you can just read it for yourself.
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  12. Cash

    Cash I staff the proper way VIP

    Regardless of what game you play, if it's multiplayer then there will be harassment. Only exception is whitelisted servers but that's a different thing altogether. Either way, your choice is yours to make
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  13. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    Dude, I'm not trying to be disrespectful in any means, I am genuinely trying to help. I agree that there are some people make the server look bad, and that's the reason why you can't let them win.

    Please work with me and work with the server to make it a better place for us all. You stated that " it seems that whenever I go on there is one people that makes it their soul purpose to get under my skin." which clearly shows that you are not attempting to get this person/people punished for their actions and are simply letting them harass you until you leave or they get bored. You also say how you don't want to start a witch hunt. That's exactly what you should be doing, if someone is getting under your skin, get them punished for it.

    If you leave, that's your decision now. But please don't let this person/people represent the entire server for you.
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  14. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    Yes and I'm starting to quit most online games. I play games to escape my daily life for a few hours, not get a less watered down version of it where if I vent to someone then it could get worse. Also I don't see what constantly bringing up that online games tend to have toxic players is gonna do. Yes, this is common, but if it's too common or it's just getting to the point of lunacy then you need to leave.
  15. TrinityBlade ⚔️

    TrinityBlade ⚔️ They question the king upon leaving. VIP

    I'm sorry that you feel that way, please remember that I am here to talk if you need someone to talk to about anything.

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "if i vent to someone then it could get worse.". Do you mean that if you talk to a staff member, then the harassment could get worse? If so, I can't assure you that it won't get worse. But I can say that doing nothing won't have any impact on anything.
  16. SunDancer

    SunDancer Member

    I mean that if I talk to someone that I feel is trustworthy or that is my friend then I could make it worse or I could lose my friend. IRL venting to someone has more factors into it like body language, tone of voice, if I physically communicate to them like hugging them, stuff like that. If someone tried to vent to you and you were a rude ass to them on the internet then basically nothings gonna happen. You won't see the disappointment in their eyes, you won't feel awkward after leaving, non of that applies so there's no negative to being impulsive in how you respond. Basically it's easy to dehumanize someone on the internet while IRL you have to be pretty fucked up to dehumanize someone that's vulnerable
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  17. Grimoire+

    Grimoire+ Sigillum diaboli VIP

    Everyone already stated good advice here, yes there is harassment, yes there is toxic people.. Heck we have people who don't want to deal with it so they just leave but ultimately if you don't mention it to a staff member or a higher up, it's not going to stop, Believe me we have a lot in place regarding these situations.

    https://www.seriousgmod.com/threads/serious-talks.19528/ There is a list of helpful and trust worthy people here that are always willing to listen and talk to you without judging regardless of your issues or what's going on. :love:
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  18. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Sure, someone could do that, y'know, be a rude ass to you when you turn to them. But most people, even on the internet, aren't that cruel. At worst they don't really care and let you know as much or give you some 'tough love' like "man up, it's just mean words on the internet" or whatever. Most people online just want to have fun too, y'know?
    If something's getting you down, you're welcome to add me on steam or PM me, whichever. I'd be happy to listen to you or discuss whatever's on your mind.

    As for mean people on the servers, others already said this and you've addressed it sort of.
    But really, just report it or request staff to come sort them out. I haven't really seen an increase generally. We've had dickheads on the servers in the past and will in the future, but if someone is ruining your experience by being dicks, report them or request staff. SGM doesn't want people ruining the experience here.
    I understand that if going on the server becomes more about getting rid of harassers than playing the game, that too takes away from the experience. But really, it's just one or two people normally. You yourself realize it's a case of a bad apple in a bunch. So get rid of the bad apple, that way you can still enjoy the bunch. And we have some pretty delicious apples around here :LOL:
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  19. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Bruh I’m so lost, you already know you can report them so I’m not sure exactly what you want cause that’s all you can do. If you’re wondering if you’re the only one who gets it highly unlikely.
  20. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP


    Ok, lmao, the internet is where people take the piss a lot.

    Literally 60% might be memeing.

    Don't let stupid shit bother you. people tell me all the time that I sound like I smoke 25 packs of cigs a day. Back when I was a squeaker I was sensitive to hARResMENT a lot, but later on when my balls were dropping I just laughed it off. If people are gonna waste their time to make fun on you then just laugh. Ya feel me fam?

    and @SunDancer

    Yes if you say out loud "Im being harassed admin are you gonna do something about this guy" You're gonna get picked on. Snitches get stitches. Just type it in @. Just say like @ yo can you do something about this harassment
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