Happy Holidays to everyone still active and inactive

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Death, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. Death

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    It's been 248 days since the shutdown was announced. It has been one eventful and sad year with the shut down of the SGM servers that will never be forgotten.

    While we're spending time with family during these holidays, take some time to remember what this place meant to you and what it did for you. Feel free to share how it impacted you, what this community meant to you, or any other comments. Personally, I meet some of the most amazing people on this community and this was a huge part of my life. From when I started back in the winter of 2016 to the end of SGM, I made countless of great memories that I will never forget.

    Anyways, happy holidays everyone! Thank you for everything.

    -Death :love:
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  2. the gamenights , i miss them
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  3. Kythol

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    miss this place
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  4. Oshy

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    Man i was wondering why on the rare times i came back to Gmod i never saw the Serious server anymore. Spending my endless times on JUST Deathrun for so long i kinda miss those days. Because of that i doubt im in too many memories, but i remember a good couple people who actively played Deathrun and it was fun times. Sad to see this place go after just learning of its official closer 2 years late but it was a fun ride! Anyone who does read this i wish you luck in the years ahead and hope for the best for you all!
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  5. michafr1

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    Happy Holidays (a little late :D)
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  6. Adminツ

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    fuck highwon, me and my homies hate highwon.
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