Halloween Event 2020

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  1. Highwon

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    HALLOWEEN 2020
    10/30 - 11/6

    We are adding Halloween themed skins to four different weapons! These skins will be available for a limited time so make sure you get them before you lose your chance. They will be available for purchase during the duration of the Halloween Event!




    No rank required! You just need to play on the servers.
    Once you reach the playtime goal, you will automatically get this skin.

    10/30 - 11/6
    Grimwon is back yet again and this time he has backup. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat this powerful beast and his deadly disciples?



    If you are part of the lucky innocents that end up killing Grimwon, you will receive the GoreSplatter crowbar skin. Don't worry if you already own the GoreSplatter skin, you get 1,000 points instead!

    If you fight and defeat the new Angels of Death, you will receive a brand new Harpoon skin known as the Unholy Spear.

    This Harpoon texture was made specifically for this event by the talented @Xerp!


    The Reapers is an especially fun round when you get selected as The Reaper. So how about a Halloween only special fun round that lets everyone be The Reaper? Introducing The Reapers FFA:


    We are adding the following maps only for the duration of the Halloween Event.








    This map will be on Modded and Vanilla servers.

    The following maps will be added to the Vanilla rotation for the duration of the event.



    We are featuring a Halloween themed end round music playlist for the duration of this event.

    Bulk Cannon
    The bulk cannon will spawn alongside other weapons only on 10/31! Even on Vanilla!


    We highly advise you to use this weapon in your battles against Grimwon and the Angels of Death!

    This year's Halloween event is regrettably smaller than usual but I hope you will enjoy it either way!

    - Highwon
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  2. My Pure Vanilla Experience, Tainted.
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    ok but please stop banning me
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    ok pog
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  7. Hope i dont get banned like last time
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  8. angie

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    time for me to play again after my 6 month hiatus
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  9. ori with a gun

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  10. capri sun

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    Spooky time, let's goooo
  11. Pokeben10

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    The holiday events are always so much fun. Thanks for putting them on! :)
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  12. danstorm

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    Thank you Highwon Very cool.
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  13. wubby

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    Looks fire!
  14. roy

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    Heck yes!
  15. Panduh

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    wheres my elite
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  16. Jabba the Slut

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    The one thing I was looking for when we started talking about this year's Halloween Event was a spooky harpoon skin.

    @Xerp did such a GREAT FUCKIN' JOB! I love it, I hope you guys all love it too. It's awesome.

    If y'all like the name I came up with it at 12:35 AM last night. The only other competing name was Hedonistic Harpoon.
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  17. Dodley27

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  18. Wamuu

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    hell yeah free scout skin
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  19. j3kawesome

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    ayeeee lets gooooooooooooooo
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  20. firemac

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    Very spooky.
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