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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by ThePaleRider, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Well, I was unable to access the internet for around 3 hours because my Router was shut off (its why I left the server instead of staying for my slay).​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    Honestly I dont know if there is any way I can prove it to you other than refer you to my friend, IGN GuidedWolf, who knows I was offline for said amount of time. It took me quite a while to figure out what was wrong with my router, turns out my little brother was messing with the settings on my ISP's site...He turned off my internet connection. I had to go to the Mcdonalds a couple miles away(around 7, its the nearest place with free internet, as i dont have service on my phone) which took a bit of time to walk to, and had to use their internet to restart mine. Then, I had to walk home. lol I didnt mean to go offline, I was disconnected by my lil bro.​
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    I just want to quickly say I've seen this and am preparing my response. Thanks for taking the time to appeal.
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    Hey there Goldengaming,

    I'd like to start by showing you the death scene I had access to. As you can see, the victim did not traitor bait within ~10 seconds before you killed him. In addition, you can see in the shot logs that the victim never shot with a gun (though he did throw an incediary grenade, but this wasn't mentioned in the report.) Since I couldn't ask you for clarification, I had to go based on the available info to reach a decision.

    I remember handling this report, as it did seem like genuine confusion that led to the RDM. However as this is your second case of RDM and leave (even if the first was almost 3 years ago) I decided not to wait as long as I otherwise might on the ban. That being said, I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt in this case. The fact that your only other ban was ~3 years ago, and the time you took to make an account and fill out an appeal tell me you are fairly serious about appealing this. As such, I will be removing your ban and giving you an autoslay. Note that I will not be voiding your ban, as regardless of situation the RDM and leave was legitimate. Please allow me a few minutes to hop on the server to take care of this.

    You're free to PM me with any questions or concerns, and once again thank you for making this appeal.
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