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    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    As my father's father said to him, and his father's father said to him.. I will say to you

    Since November 2015, Serious Gmod has been a home, a family, and an escape.

    This community has pushed me out of my shell and gotten me through a lot of previous traumas.
    SGM became more to me than just a server when I met a few of you IRL and then formed strong in person relationships with some of you.

    At age 15, joining SGM, I was severely depressed over issues I could never have controlled.. I had played
    for a few months when Kyogre took interest in me, and guided me through the process of becoming staff and overtime became a good friend. I was picked up on #teamshadow and surfed from team to team throughout my 5 tenures. I was staff the day 2/3 of the team left in 2017, losing everyone on my team including my admin. As much as SGM saw me at my worst, I saw it at it's worst too.. And I think that's why I feel so connected to those of you I still keep in touch with.
    Its weird to have a connection like that to a Garry's mod community but some of you could fit in that same shoe.

    At Age 20, I have finally found closure from the past, even from those in the SGM community that I had previously held anger against so passionately. I have found who I am and who I want to be unlike the kid I was 5 years ago.

    I had my life threatened by my ex girlfriend's current boyfriend when we were still dating.. He said he was coming to my house/was gonna destroy my car/etc..
    As this all was taking place, I was at my doctors office. I had an anxiety attack that led to me being afraid to go home (dude who threatened me was schizophrenia and bipolar). ​
    Due to this, I admitted myself into the hospital and was dragged off to a psych-ward. In this ward, they abused us. PSYCHOLOGICALLY
    They would aimlessly give medicine and changing doses regularly without consent or even telling the patients.
    The day I got out, I decided to try acid for my first time..
    the mixture of acid with the random drug concoction that was still in my system, caused a DARK trip, leading me to go barefoot and cross the interstate
    Don't do drugs kids
    I barely remember any of my interstate experience beside my step into the left lane when a car whizzed past me. Once I exited, I was apprehended by police (Who didn't even know I was tripping or on the expressway to begin with), remained uncuffed.. and was picked up by my mom.
    As I reached home, I was greeted by my police officer uncle, who then drove me to a second hospital.
    I experienced slight PTSD from the traumas invoked by the previous hospital, But was soon clamed by the slogan of the hospital I was staying at my 2nd admission (SLOGAN: A hospital for people that hate hospitals) ​
    In this hospital, I remained on lockdown due to pending Covid results for the 1st 7 days of my 8 day stay. In these 8 days, I learned I only had myself to turn to.. regardless of all the friends or family I had.. I had no phone to contact them.
    I thought all day and all night, about what I was doing wrong to have my life go down the path It was going down, and eventually figured out what my issue was.
    I was excessively holding onto the past, when I should've been letting it go.
    From the trust broken by my ex of 2 years (who was originally my bestfriend) when she cheated with my bestfriend to the reason my father left his family in a foreclosing house without fear of them becoming homeless.

    The person I was in July 2020, Is barely the person I am today as I am 4 months into my new job (already looking at an increase to supervisor), finally moved out my Mom's house, and am happy to be focusing on myself.
    I wont tag a lot of people, and some that I tag will never see my mention.. But its purely nostalgia and me more so saying goodbye to SGM for one last time.

    Kyogre, Shadow, Sinz:
    At a time I was struggling to fit into my high school (Only having 30 people from my JR high's graduating class) The 3 of you made me feel welcome when I felt welcome nowhere, I thank all 3 of you.
    Shadow, Steven Mason, Wompzilla, Forcie, @Lord Momo
    All of you already long gone (except Logan) but.. I appreciate all of you giving me a shot at Mod.

    Logan, You especially are to thank as you gave me the chance to staff SGM again after my ban.. I half expected my application to sit for a long while but am thankful that you bestowed your trust onto me.
    Im sure you'll see the notification for this before you see the PM to you.
    Coming back to SGM after so long, I half expected something different than what I returned to.. I don't exactly feel like its a right fit for me anymore and is more so me trying to hold onto a portion of my past when I've done pretty good letting the rest go. I feel its only right for me to step down.

    You're a real one, And Im happy as hell I was able to reconnect with you (We gotta play some games in the future)
    PM me for my snap bb

    @j3kawesome @RyanHighman @Jabba the Slut @Rico @Pierogi
    I talked to some of you more than others, but none the less, You guys made the time as staff more enjoyable.. Each time on the servers or in the discord I had a decent amount of fun.

    J3k, I appreciate you checking up on me throughout the process of getting my car together and everything else.. Lets run the tanks through Chicago. ​

    The list of mentions could go on, for miles, but I don't think anyone wants that (especially not my fingers)
    I love you all, and If any of you want my contacts.. feel free to shoot me a message.

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  2. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome "mestimate" - Indy226 Administrator VIP Silver

    Man I’ll always be here for you and we shall get those tanks and run rampant in the city, might just drag @Titan with us also
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  3. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    This is such a sad day in history I cri

    Stay safe!
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  4. littlememe

    littlememe nothinglastsforever VIP Bronze

    I know we didn't play much or staff together but it was amazing to meet you again.
    I'll miss you man.
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  5. Elvis

    Elvis TheRockStars VIP Silver

    You have always been a great mod and even more, a great friend. I wish you the best of luck with whatever path life takes you on. I love you bud and ill miss you.
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  6. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    Peace out dude, stay safe out there with all the wild shit 2021 probably has for us
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  7. Rico

    Rico The Coolest Person! VIP Bronze

    You're pretty epic and also cool!
    Hope to see you again soon!
    Also you forgot my pfp request!!!!
    I wish you luck in whatever you pursue next!
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  8. Ted

    Ted The knight in white armor! Silver

    Good luck finding the milk, i bought it all!
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  9. Bruno

    Bruno In time all things are possible VIP Bronze

    Damn dude, you been through so many shit, i respect that. I wish you good luck in your journey, take care
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  10. eks dee

    eks dee SGM editor in chief VIP Bronze

    when you come back, you'd better have some badass milk with you
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  11. Sorry haven't played a lot recently and I don't really remember you, but something tells me that you were a great man, hope that everything goes well from now on In your life. Stay strong
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  12. Sanchez ❤

    Sanchez ❤ Junior staff trainer VIP

    I wish you the best man. We will miss you.
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  13. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze


    In that case get the fuck out good riddance. (just kidding lmao)

    In all honesty, I am glad that you are pulling your shit together man. I've often felt that SGM is really a place that collects people who don't really have anything going on IRL, or who don't really have their shit together yet. Once they do, SGM becomes a secondary home. I've known you since the beginning bud, and I always thought you were a laid back guy who was fun to play with. Oh, and also, your political positions fucking suck.

    Love ya bud, take care now :sneakylove:
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  14. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Have a good time.
    You're a good mod and person
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  15. Shadow™

    Shadow™ What it do Shortyyyy™ VIP

    this is a pain, sad to see you go man, its been a hella long 3ish years since i met you. I hope everything goes in your way and good luck am gonna miss ya alot. If you ever need to just talk or anything like that shoot me a dm any day of the week ill be here g. Sad to see a old friend go, but keep in contact w me. Take care and take it easy g.
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  16. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    You will forever be remembered through the awesome sigs you’ve made for us. Oh and i guess you were a decent mod. Don’t forget you always have a home here. Good luck
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  17. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

    While you're there can you buy me some frozen pizza's?
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  18. Titan

    Titan SGM's official music nerd Administrator VIP Bronze

    @GRYPHN you still gonna be on your discord?
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  19. GRYPHN

    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    I’ll still be on my discord and steam, just not as much
  20. Pierogi

    Pierogi Special Properations Administrator VIP

    Welp, now I'm sad. Farewell Gryphn, I always enjoyed playing and staffing with you, and I'll always greatly appreciate the time you spent training me. I hope you come back again some time <3
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