gmod is not fun

Discussion in 'Farewells' started by 8BitF0x, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x a pixelated fox that loves rdm VIP

    heya, it's me.

    if you haven't notice i'm not cyan anymore. i'm just burnt out of gmod. and i'm almost in the process of moving into a new home, new neighbor, new everything. i don't know when i'll be back to cyan, but until next time.

    @Spitefulvenom thanks for being a great admin.
    @Elvis thanks for reviving deathrun, this is where my journey ends, but good luck on saving deathrun.
    @j3kawesome @RyanHighman im going to miss you guys the most in the chats, i enjoyed that one time we played animal crossing.
    @Lovisa thanks for being cool and overall fun people.
    @dazza hi
    @Wubby you're cool
    @ those i didn't @ on the staff team, keep doing what you're doing.

    bye bye.
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  2. eks dee

    eks dee SGM editor in chief VIP Bronze

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  3. Chad

    Chad Banned VIP

    Screaming at children only has so much entertainment value. Do not come back. Invest in yourself & cryptocurrency. Develop code & muscle.
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  4. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    It'll be fun again in two months. God bless. Seeya later bud.
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  5. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    Godspeed my friend
    May your fur forever be soft (and in 8-bits)
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  6. wubby

    wubby balls Administrator VIP Bronze

    thou art shall be welcome at anytime. ily, and good luck with your future ! <3
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  7. Elvis

    Elvis TheRockStars VIP Silver

    Ill miss you buddy. Come back anytime you want to my friend.

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