Rejected Give Trial Mod ability to gag/mute

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by h0b0 b0z0, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. h0b0 b0z0

    h0b0 b0z0 VIP

    Its kind of a meme to fuck with the Trial Mods, "lmao this guy isn't a mod yet, he is only Mall Security", but I think the aspiration to become a mod should reward these wide-eyed young recruits with the ability to gag / mute people that are spamming.

    It can be abused, but then those people just lose Trial-Mod rank...

    At the very least, it can cut down on annoying spamming / loud d bag a holes that want to disrupt the server.
  2. Thing is it just increases the number of mistakes which might happen due to a trial not being fully aware of how rules regarding mute and gag work.
    Just have to weigh the pros and cons of this tbh.

    I would prefer them getting the power to do this as the number of people who spam the n word and other shit at night is one too many >.>
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  3. Tedelicious

    Tedelicious The knight in white armor! Elite

    Hey there,

    I will tell you why we do not give Tmods the ability's us moderators have.

    1st most Tmods are new in the staffing system and have trouble dealing with the reports that are coming in and not to forget that moderators will teach them why they had a report valid or invalid if needed.
    2nd The set protocols that are involved with the different kind of mic/chat abuse do not always end with a simple gag/mute and still require a moderator to deal with it.

    We always try our best to get the Tmods up and running the best as we can, but some need a lot of time with the handling of reports and fall behind on a bizzy server where others are accustomed with the system and flow to moderator fairly quick.
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  4. Anastesia Lawes

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    Tmods shouldn't really be on without mods so there is no real reason to give them the power do do this and if they were trusted to do so they would been moderator anyway.
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  5. DocFox

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    So other than what has been said, I've been looking into our trial process and just how long our staff spend as a Trial. Obviously, it is a skill and timed based subject, but there can still be minimum and maximums applied. We want to keep our Tmods interested in staffing and if they're waiting forever for a promotion, it will hinder their experience and our players experience.

    A smaller training window would hopefully prevent things like spam from happening because it would increase our staff numbers to better cover the servers.
    This is a poor statement as sometimes Tmods want to get in some playtime. Keep in mind that they can still collect evidence and have it handled by one of the staff members.

    In short, changes will be coming, but not to the powers a trial moderator has.

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