Garry's Mod = drug?

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  1. Does anyone else here feels like Garry's Mod (especially TTT I suppose) can sometimes be somewhat of a drug? It's addictive yet it can be painfully frustrating to play.

    Guess I'll find another way to occupy myself.
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  2. Deadly25

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  3. hnnnnnnng

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  4. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    nah drugs are better than gmod
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  5. Dwardu

    Dwardu School tmrw? VIP

    To be honest I see GMOD as that to-go game to relax or mess around with friends on. If there's any game you don't want to get addicted to, it's Dota 2, the salt on there.. yikes
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  6. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

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    if gmod was like a drug i would actually play

    take notes, higher-ups. make gmod a drug so no one can ever leave/stop
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  7. that's quite some replies in quite some time
  8. veL

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  9. Senpai Reich


    My friend’s coke addiction was replaced with league addiction so yea I see it
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  10. Panduh

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    I wouldn't understand frustrating. The game's easy, but I guess it could be a little addicting at times since they rather play TTT than go to work. I even seen some people take days off of work to play on the server. thats way too much b
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  11. Genesis

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    drugs = escapism.

    video games = escapism.
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  12. tz-

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    mustve not been that addicted to coke bc i know some coke addicts and boy are they fun
  13. Shelbutt

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    Not a drug per se but definitely addictive. Hell I have the itch to play it again but I’m not gonna. First off it’s a fun concept for a MP game, and if you have people that actually wanna play and not shit on others constantly, it’s a hell of a time. Hell thats how I have like 1300 hours on it
  14. Hashira

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    sometimes burn gmod onto CDs, melt them in a kiln, and inject the lukewarm fluid after letting it cool into my veins like heroine.
  15. Keep in mind I haven't made that thread just because Garry's Mod is addictive. I made it because I sometimes feel like Garry's Mod actually annoys myself more than it entertains myself, yet I keep playing it.
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  16. Hashira

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    Maybe u should take a small break
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  17. Yeah might do that again.
  18. Tedelicious

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    You say like it is alcohol...
    I work with people and they often ask me if weed is addictive. Then i respond with everything is if you have the feel for it. If you know you will have a addictive past you will often find something else to put your addiction to. But the difference is how people see it, because chewing 20 gum a day is not a addiction while drinking 20 beer a day is.
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  19. Dani Phantom

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    I'm pretty sure the difference isn't how people see it but which of them makes you fockin die
  20. Hannibal Vector

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    PFT only 4k hrs? I got 5k <3