[Fun Round] Sticks and Stones

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by Orion, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Orion

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    Sticks and Stones, based on the only Call of Duty gamemode that's actually fun to play.
    Basically, everyone starts with a grenade and a harpoon.
    If you miss the harpoon you best off using the grenade. Grenades re-appear the live grenade explodes (probably 3-5 seconds if not cooked).
    Since it's so easy to get multiple kills with grenades I'd say 10 points per kill but only 30 for most kills, 100 last standing.

    If you think something needs to be changed just comment below, if you think something's unfair, things like that.
  2. DocFox

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    -1 because all you're saying is harpoon wars with grenades added. The grenades could also possibly crash the server.
  3. Python~

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  4. Best Icecream (official)

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    +1 Grenades are cool. they wont crash the server. but it might have to be instant kill knives and grenades. i know its not traditonal but that sounds better
  5. I think sticks and stones was a cross bow, and hatchet. so throwing knifes and a cross bow. im sure there are cross bow guns out there somewhere lol