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    Your In Game Nickname:
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    Why you should be unbanned:
    One of the slays I recieved was due to supposedly RDM but it was for killing a dude that ran from a detective's body as soon as they were killed and went to a corner. They were going to defuse a c4 and they killed the traitor that had killed the detective but I only saw the detective dying and him running. The second slay that got me banned was due to a player shooting with the awp on top of the blue roof on nuketown. I asked multiple times who were they shooting at and at one point they shot the floor but I didnt see it so I opened fire. This one was my own fault but I dont think its worth a ban​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    idk whatd even apply as evidence here. Regardless I dont have any. Any active mod would know I dont rdm for no reason anyways, only fuck ups that everyone does​
  2. Etched

    Etched Im really kinda gonna die :D VIP

    Hey there Eternal,

    Give me a few and Ill get everything together for the reports and where we will go from there :)
  3. Etched

    Etched Im really kinda gonna die :D VIP


    Lets make this quick


    This already kinda seals the deal of you getting unbanned, The report tho with no conclusion had marked in the upper line you had been slain, I went off of this along with the next to reports that led up to your ban. After watching the recording back with @SavannahBananaGaming it was evident you had not been slain.

    You can find the deathscene to that here

    Report 3 is the one you remembered.

    With all of this and the questions I have about your first 2 reports I will be accepting this appeal.
    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me :)

    Appeal: Accepted
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