FPS Boosters?

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    Someone, a while back recommended a console command for me to boost my FPS, and I completely forgot what it was, researched all around google with no luck.

    So anybody know any decent console commands or launch options to help with boosting FPS in TTT? Especially on maps that dip FPS when you look in certain areas.
  2. tylerjoseph(henry)

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    fps_max 0

    i believe so, because GMOD caps your FPS at 300. Uncapping can let you reach full potential.
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  3. veL

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    These are my launch options

    -console +fps_max 200 -high -threads 8 -nod3d9ex -nojoy -processheap -directX 7.0 -windowed -noborder -borderless -novid -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd +cl_cmdrate 100 +myinfo_bytes 2000 +cl_updaterate 101 +rate 120000 +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

    I've had these for like years, so I have no idea what most of them even mean, but I remember getting these from a youtube video.
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  4. MiGGo

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    gmod_mcore_test 1

    Enables multicore. Gmod only uses 1 core by default
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  5. iii

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    I use these, sometimes:
    cl_updaterate 128;cl_cmdrate 128;rate 100400;cl_interp_ratio 1;cl_interp 0
    Doesn't seem to affect the fps number, but it changes the "in and out" communication with the server on net_graph 1 from 30ish/s to 60ish/s.
    The last number on the first line changes from 30/s to 128/s and the last one goes from 30/s to 100/s, but I don't know what those mean.

    @Rice and Chicken probably knows
  6. MiGGo

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    dont be a pussy just enable it it's good
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  7. knows what
  8. iii

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    I think I meant the best values for those vars and what they do, kind of forgot what I meant tbh (sry).
    If I meant the "fps booster" var, that's probably the one MiGGo said, it seems to work well, even with the warning.
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    Did you trying downloading more RAM?
  10. Rambo

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    gmod_mcore_test 1; mat_queue_mode -1; cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

    put those commands in an autoexec
  11. Vector

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    Only so much u can do to optimize the outdated source engine tho