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Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Secretagent733, Jun 29, 2019.

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    New Posts
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    Every day it seems like the New Posts gets shorter and shorter. It used to be at 5, then 4, now it's at 3? What's up?​
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  2. iii

    iii eye-eye-eye or triple eye is fine VIP

    I still see 5... maybe there weren't 5 posts for you because the posts weren't new?
    You can still click the actual sentence "New Posts" to see all the ones you haven't seen yet, even if they aren't new enough to be in the main page.
  3. Timo654

    Timo654 EU BEST VIP Silver

    If it's smaller than 5, it means there are posts in subforums that you can't see, such as staff only sections, applications etc.
  4. That's probably it then.