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Discussion in 'Bug Report' started by Floof, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Floof

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    Fix the agree forum rating
    Applies to:
    Whenever im on mobile The image file for the agree rating seems to have some orange pixels along the top left.
  2. Teroxa

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    Works fine for me.
    Does anyone else get this?
  3. iii

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    While I haven't tested this on mobile to see if I have this problem, I would just like to point out that the image used for the ratings is all the same image, xenforo(edit: this forum*) just uses html/css to leave only the part they want visible. (

    Therefore the orange pixels you're seeing are the wrench/useful rating and the problem is most likely that the version of the forums in your mobile (edit: or your browser) didn't cut the agree symbol correctly with html/css:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. 8BitF0x

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    Why are you showing the bottom part of the photo floof? Smh.

    Anyways I’m not having the problem.

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  5. Floof

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    uhh because thats where the bug is? I'm confused lol.
  6. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x furry mod VIP

    i did the same thing you did, and nothing shown
  7. LBPotatoes

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    I see it
  8. PoopDick™

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    This happens when you zoom in.

    Zoom out.
  9. Floof

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    If it helps I’m on an iPhone X
  10. Elvis

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    I can see it without even zooming in.

    I was to say congrats on finding this bug that will actually give me anxiety when i click the agree button :mad:
  11. Dadly25

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    I don't see this bug
  12. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

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    my problem is every time i try to click agree on mobile it does disagree maybe my fingers r just like fat or something idk man i mean i guess my coordination isn't the best on account of my body tremors (they're genetic) and the fact that i'm almost constantly experiencing what feels like alcohol withdrawal and drink too many coffees because i quit liqour cause i just learned what calories are and i'm trying to shape up a bit cus i had a really long depressive episode where i just drank a lot and only ate mcdonalds every day but the point im trying to get to is that i'm basically vibrating out of this plane of existence and i can feel it mostly in my spine but obviously it goes into my hands also and that's probably why i can't press the button so good unless it is actually a glitch idk my iphone also doesn't do a lot of things it should cause i keep dropping it into the bath tub but surprisingly it still works for most of my needs but when i was 17 i dropped my iphone in the bath for a second and put it out in some rice but even after trying to dry it out i remember that i could never actually connect to wifi on the damn thing i mean 3G worked fine oddly enough but wifi never worked and i had that iphone until i was like 21 and then i got a new iphone and got instagram but everyone else had had instagram for years at that point and i just was never able to catch up with my friends when it came to followers idk maybe that created a lot of self-doubt and anxiety for me i mean i know i definitely started drinking a lot more heavily around the time i got that new iphone but also my girlfriend had just dumped me but what i really wanted to mention was that there's a lot of rodents in my new house and the thing about really bad spinal tremors is that at night when i lay down in my $2000 king-size memory foam mattress that i bought myself when my girlfriend left me when i was 21 at night it feels like there's rats crawling under me or like there's an earthquake it's a pretty crazy sensation and like i guess kinda feels cool in a way like getting electrocuted kinda feels cool but mostly it just makes it a nightmare to fall asleep at night

    anyways please fix this bug
  13. Dadly25

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  14. PoopDick™

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  15. PoopDick™

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    [​IMG] they just not cropped properly lmao look i hacked inspect element and found the true-true
  16. Floof

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