Following a called off KOS is allowed if you didn't know it was called off?

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  1. Noccam :^)

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    Can someone explain to me what the actual reasoning behind this is?

    If a KOS has been called off, then it should be rdm regardless of intent or knowledge. It's the players job to keep an eye out for KOS'es and it is even more so the players job to keep an eye out for when KOS'es are called off.

    A player can claim that they were never aware the KOS was called off to get away with the RDM everytime.

    This ruling makes no sense to me. Can someone help me figure out WHY this is a thing?
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  2. Pokeben10

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    Well for one, if the KOS is called off over voice chat it can be hard to hear sometimes. The same can be said about KOSes in chat- sometimes there are just too many messages going through.

    I believe, and any staff feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, you can't technically call off KOSes; however, knowingly acting upon called off KOSes repeatedly can be considered toxic game-play, and the player will be punished accordingly.
  3. Anonymous1

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    you seem to have an issue at realizing why “big picture” rules exist. How would you feel if someone called off a KOS in chat that you missed and you were slain even tho you marked them as kill right when it was called out? My guess is you would pissed and be saying, “why the fuck am I at fault if I didn’t see it get called off”. So that’s exactly why. There is zero way to prove that everyone is aware that any single KOS is called off, so to avoid all confusion and politics, you are responsible if you call a false KOS no matter what.

    BUT people can be punished harshly per admin discretion if they seem to be following called off KOS’s purposefully, but you would need proof that they acknowledged it was called off but killed them anyway.
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  4. Noccam :^)

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    Considering the fact you got my reaction to that situation all wrong, I don't think you are in any place to try and correctly assess what I do and don't have issues with on this server. If I missed a KOS being called off, I would honestly apologize to the player I killed and gladly take the slay. I fucked up, it was my responsibility to pay attention and I didn't.
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  5. adding to what poke said there isn't really a reason to call off koses they either did something traitorous or they didn't. of course miss clicks happen but those typical get called off at the same time as the kos happens so if you miss the call of you missed the kos to.
  6. Noctorious

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    This is a kind of good vs bad situation.

    Bad: People can lie and say they didn't hear the kos called off to avoid punishment

    Good: People who genuinely do not hear the kos get called off don't get punished for something that is sometimes hard to hear or easy to miss.

    Since the situation where a kos is called off is rare, especially being properly called off, the good outweighs the bad. It's better to let a couple bad people take advantage of the situation than to punish good people who just missed hearing something that could easily get drowned out.
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    Yeh sounds right
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