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Denied FEARFACER260's Appeal

Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by FEARFACER260, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Tig Ol' Bitties
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Why you should be unbanned:
    I have no clue why I got banned for 2 weeks for doing nothing also this would be my first time I would ever be banned but I get automatically second offense.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I got no warning of me be banned the most I got was just one auto slay​
  2. Aria

    Aria meh meh meh Legendary

    You have been banned by @Scares70rm give him time to address your concerns.
  3. hello how was your day
  4. I joined west and now I'm able to play but for west 2 it says I'm banned for 14 days
  5. Destiny Blade

    Destiny Blade A light shall spring from the shadows Moderator VIP Bronze

    That is because your ban originates on West 2 and not West 1. Please give Scares some time to get his evidence together to deal with this appeal.
  6. ok sorry I didn't know it would take this long
  7. Scares70rm

    Scares70rm Festive Mod VIP

    Hello sorry for the wait, i will gather my evidence right now and provide it here. Thank you for taking the time to appeal.
  8. Scares70rm

    Scares70rm Festive Mod VIP

    Alright so you were reported here:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you can see i was training 2 trial mods at the time and they were handling the reports. After getting the conclusion from them, i checked to see that you shot someone who didnt shoot you. Therefore you got your slay.

    ... and then you left with your slay

    Which as the motd states is a banable offense. Also there is a warning at the top of your screen while you are reported and or slain to not leave.

    Now as to why it was second offense, you were banned on january 9th by A Slightly Ferocious Cat for RDM and leave 1st offense. So the 2nd offense ban was proper.

    As i believe i have shown, the ban was placed accordingly.

    Therefore i will mark this appeal:


    And i will now lock this report.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.