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Favorite Lyrics

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tylerjoseph(henry), Jun 18, 2018.

  1. tylerjoseph(henry)

    tylerjoseph(henry) My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    Favorite Lyrics
    In this thread, I would like for some of y'all to post your favorite lyrics. The reasoning for why you like those lyrics could be anything, and I'd appreciate if you'd give a reason to why they're your favorite lyrics currently.

    On top of this, what I would really like to happen in this thread is for an explanation of the lyrics. What's the deeper meaning behind the lyrics? And, why does it speak to you?

    Try and link the song too, so we can all listen to your favorite bop.

    Don't derail the thread by insulting other peoples music choice. I personally don't care if you're favorite lyrics are "aye yuh aye yuh yuh yuh yuh aye." But please try and keep this a bittttt on the serious side.

    The meanings of lyrics and songs are a big part of my life currently. Also since I'm tryin' to be a writer. But also, a lot of songs have helped me through a lot of different things. So I'd like to see and hear what helps you in terms of music.

    One Of My Favorite Lyrics

    We turned our hands to guns, trade in our thumbs for ammunition
    I must forewarn you, of my disorder. Or my condition.

    'Cause when the sun sets it upsets what's left of my invested
    interest, interested and putting my fingers to my head.
    The solution is, I see a whole room of these mutant kids, fused at the wrist.
    I simply tell them they should shoot at this.
    Simply suggest my chest and this confused music it's
    obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.


    Call it cringy if you must, but this song means a lot to me. Because when I first heard this song, and really listened to the lyrics. It was the first time I understood that someone else thought the same as me. Depressing, but true. The writer of this song knows what it's like, and sympathizes with the listener.


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  2. The Memelord

    The Memelord Legendary


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  3. Saturnity

    Saturnity Trial Moderator VIP

    Jesus meme

    Well I have a song I really like, and it has some good lyrics.

    There are a lot of good lines in the song, like so:

    Lyrics (Part of it)

    "I am tired of seeing pretty people everywhere
    I am not a model, middle fingers in the air

    I used to drink whiskey, now I'm stuck with Perrier
    I'm an alcoholic, middle fingers in the air"

    "I'm a starving artist nowhere close to millionaire
    I prefer my Kia, middle fingers in the air"


    For the first one, it is trying to mock what people share on their social media accounts.
    Only seeing the best parts of their life–the beautiful parts/photos, when we all know that’s not how their life is.

    Then the third and fourth line "I have a history of addiction and being in recovery.
    It’s something I deal with every day.
    I fell in love with the word (‘missio’ – latin for “mission'‘),
    because it helped me focus on being sober and having a mission towards that." -Matthew Brue

    Then there is the next set of lyrics later in the song
    "Starving Artist" basically means
    someone who sacrifices wealth and expensive possessions to maintain the integrity of their art,
    even if they cannot generate steady, adequate income from it.

    Then the second line, it's simple, he is just preferring a car that
    is cheap instead of some luxurious and expensive car.

    I personally think it's a great song, has a good meaning to it, here it is
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  4. The Carlton

    The Carlton (Something interesting here) Elite

    Lyrics "Hey-o I'm Tommy
    And I'm 19
    I like to lift weights
    And wear sunscreen
    SPF 100?
    I hope it's in stock
    'Cause I rub it on my nips
    And the bell-end of my cock"
    I don't really know the more detailed meaning of the lyrics maybe just because he likes that :?
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  5. Destiny Blade

    Destiny Blade Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. Moderator Elite

    Everyone's watching through your eyes
    There's only two options win or die.
    It went from a spark to an open flame
    Now destiny's calling out your name.
    So reply

    Reason for it: Ill break it down piece by piece

    Everyone's watching through your eyes
    They see what you see. All the mistakes you made, and all the rights you have outdone. Now some will ask why can't they just watch from the outside, its because they want to be a part of it not just a bystander on the edge not wanting to miss any of the action.

    There's only two options win or die.
    The line speaks for itself. You really dont have a choice when it comes down to it, granted this is overdone in a normal situation. In a normal situation its fight or flight. You can either go head first and win or pull out and die. This to me looks like a call out, you either win or you lose, no in between.

    It went from a spark to an open flame
    The line tells me that a little situation could result in something so huge that you might not be able to manage. Take a little white lie, it starts off small like a spark, but then you have to keep lying to keep covering up the tiny little lie that you told at the start making it an open flame. Something so small could become something so big, good or bad.

    Now destiny's calling out your name.
    You dont get a second chance at history, history calls to you and it may only give you one call. You have been chosen out of all people to take this one chance at history, at destiny to do something.

    So reply
    Don't stay quiet. Speak up, stand out, dont become a bystander to a situation that you are being called to. You need to let it be known that you are here and reply to whatever is calling you.

    If you reply to destiny, you will set a spark that will create an open flame, the flame gives you two options of either winning or dying, that makes everyone watch you and want to see it all happen from what you started in your perspective.

    Sorry to be a tryhard with this but thats what I always think of with this lyric in the song.

    I do also want to ask if I may do another post on this but of a different song but I will let some others go first unless it dies out here.
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  6. tylerjoseph(henry)

    tylerjoseph(henry) My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    Another One Of My Favorite Lyrics
    Such Nice Sounds - Atlas

    The only times it seems clear is when music is played
    Some relateable creator says ill seen be okay
    Or when reading poetry trying to soothe the dismay
    And I can lose my insecurities in cute little sayings, like

    "why frown when the sun goes down
    If you'll wake in the morning to such nice sounds
    When the nighttime creeps, well your eyes might weep
    But that's just moonlight tryna find nice people"

    "why frown when the sun comes 'round
    Even if you feel shaken or upside down
    When the daytime hits, you'll be great, my friend
    Just make it through this, just make it through this"

    I love this song like uewgweufhwieuhgfew
    Basically what this song is saying is how music can help you cope. Because you can drown out everything wrong with your life.
    Music is a good way to forget your problems for a little while. It soothes you and eases your pain.
    And, that's exactly what this song is doing. It helps ease my pain and problems.
    Especially the last 4 lines.

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  7. lol this didn't go so well last time, did it?

    Now, what I am about to say is pretty politically charged; I am not aiming this at anyone in particular, and not anyone in this community, just calling this shit like it is.

    "There are people in this country who work hard every day
    Not for fame or fortune do they strive
    But the fruits of their labor are worth more than their pay
    And it's time a few of them were recognized"

    There is a pretty serious disconnect these days in this country with the hard work that actually keeps a country going, with the roles that are the backbone of our prosperity. We saw an epic example with this when a lot of people blamed the results of the 2016 election that they didn't like on "those stupid corn farmers."

    I think it's actually quite funny: people who are quite secure in their own lives, not needing to worry about the supply of their basic need, food, turning around and denigrating, belittling, trying to make powerless the people who work harder than they could ever imagine, who make it possible for them to do something other than just fighting for survival daily.

    And after I get done with cursing at these incredibly short minded folks, I laugh my ass off, and think, "Smart move, you'll end up destroying yourselves, and guess who will have the last laugh?"

    Now, all good work has merit, it's just some is of greater importance. For example, while the production of electronic devices is good, and has in many ways benefited mankind greatly, if we didn't have farmers, we would spend all day hunter-gathering, and wouldn't be able to do anything else. Thank your farmer!

    Farmers, who I happen to be one of, is only one example, and I am 100% certain there isn't anyone who is part of the problem I just wrote of among the good folks of this community (y)

    Also "Forty Hour Week" is REAL country. @Mr. Disco is sure to appreciate this.
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  8. Destiny Blade

    Destiny Blade Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. Moderator Elite

    Me again and this one has quite the backstory.

    I, I did it all
    I, I did it all
    I owned every second that this world could give
    I saw so many places, the things that I did
    Yeah with every broken bone
    I swear I lived

    Reason for it: I only started listening to this song back on January 29th of 2016, now most of y'all are probably thinking like that's a long time ago why do you remember that specific day of when you started listening to this song? Well on the 27th of January of that same year I was sent into a car accident with 2 of my buddies in the car. My buddy in the back seat got out almost completely unharmed except for a bruised left foot and a concussion. My friend in the passenger seat got 5 staples above his left eye, a concussion, couple bruised ribs and was sent into a coma, while in the hospital he died and came back to life 2 different times within the span of 5 or so minutes. My injuries consisted of a cracked right hip, 13 staples on the right side of my skull (for those who can't place it together me and the passenger collided heads), my left pinky got altered bone wise so my left pinky cant touch the ground physically while in the normal standing or sitting position, a couple bruised ribs and a concussion as well. I lived by .07cm due to my friend in the backseat kicking the chair and changing the position of it.
    Now the reason why I remember why that date is because I was laying in the hospital trying to relieve some of the pain and the first song that pops on is this. To me its telling you to seize all moments you have and every chance you get and that you have people rooting for you. Don't ever take life for granted is another thing I get out of this because you never know when its up and what do you want to be remembered for?

    Sorry for story time again.
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  9. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything.
    You've got to be your own man, not a puppy on a string.
    Never compromise what's right and uphold your family name

    I don't tend to have favorite lyrics, but this'll do.

    I bet you were expecting a Jeff Lynne song. I like ELO, but the best lessons come from country songs.
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  10. Dued

    Dued VIP

    "Surprise, Surprise" by "Billy Talent"

    Surprise surprise, surprise surprise
    You're much better looking when you're in disguise
    Surprise surprise, surprise surprise
    And this revolution has been brought to you by
    Those who seem to think we don't care
    And those who seem to think we're not aware
    Surprise surprise, surprise surprise
    You're much better looking when you're in disguise

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  11. danstorm

    danstorm VIP


    When I was a young boy
    My father took me into the city
    To see a marching band
    He said, son, when you grow up
    Would you be the savior of the broken
    The beaten, and the damned?
    He said, will you defeat them
    Your demons and all the non-believers?
    The plans that they have made?
    Because one day I'll leave you
    A phantom to lead you in the summer
    To join the black parade
    When I was a young boy
    My father took me into the city
    To see a marching band
    He said, son, when you grow up
    You will be the savior of the broken
    The beaten, and the damned?​

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  12. emo trash <3
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  13. Titan

    Titan SGM's official music nerd Moderator VIP

    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.
    Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
    You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
    And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.
    So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
    Racing around to come up behind you again.
    The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.
    Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
    Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
    The time is gone, the song is over,
    Thought I'd something more to say.
    Home again
    I like to be here
    When I can
    When I come home
    Cold and tired
    It's good to warm my bones
    Beside the fire
    Far away
    Across the field
    Tolling on the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spell

    you thought i was gonna post free bird, but for lyrics, run to pink floyd
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  14. Scorch

    Scorch ㄣ⃒ Silver

    Misunderstood since he crawled out the womb, the only child
    And his momma workin' three jobs, one was dealin' with drama
    'Cause I was wildin', he used to rarely see his father
    They seperated, couldn't keep his dick in his pajamas
    Because he was out there hustlin', tryin' to be a provider

    Tryin' to turn a pretty penny into a million dollars
    They tell you 'bout my family, that bipolar disorder
    And due to karma, my first youngin’ gon’ be a daughter
    When I was 5, I told my mom I wanted to die
    Then we cry, the crazy shit, man, it wasn’t a lie
    Man, this life, is filled with stress
    So much oppressed, call New York City "9"
    I sit alone and reflect, took me 28 years to realize that I'm blessed
    Aunt Pam died from cancer; I quit them cigarettes
    Weight of world on my shoulder—I just finished my reps
    All addicted to drugs, we all addicted to sex
    Feelin' so self-destructive, like I’m clingin' to death
    Took my five-digit check and copped some bigger baguettes
    Took a look at my ring, finger charm on my neck
    Still in touch with myself, that flashy shit won't prevail
    I really be shopping for happiness, but that shit ain't for sale
    But if you don’t show ‘em then they won’t think you do it well
    I heard that blood's thicker than them Atlanta strippers
    But these my brothers, I ain't got real brothers to know the difference
    And, Erick, if I could, I'd give your mama my kidney
    'Cause she my momma, too, I promise you
    I ride for my niggas, die for my niggas
    Load .4-5 (Rah-rah!) pull homicide for my niggas

    Word up, 'cause you my brothers, love 'em to death
    Written in stone, I take my heart and rip it out my chest
    To prove to you that it's Zombie Gang, rotten flesh
    That's to the death, nigga—no more, nothing less
    True, indeed, Juice, if you ever off or bleed
    I'm takin' care of your seeds, even if that means millions in fees for custody
    She wildin' out on court, I’m like, "Give that bitch what she needs."
    ("Order in the court!") Judge, please ("Order!")
    I guess I still got alot to maturin' to do
    I know we still got a whole lot of world tourin' to do
    This game is supposed to be locked in, I leak through
    Like a real bad pussy pad, watch me seep through

    Ooh, it’s Darky, baby; a whole different hue
    My grand-daddy got 8 balls; come and get a cue
    I come from the struggle, motherfucker, get a clue

    My favorite lyrics because of how heavily I can relate to what he says. A lot of things have happened over the last 3 years of my life and I would have put down the entire song if it wasn't so long lol, but yeah. The Flatbush Zombies are some of my favorite artists now and I listen to their music all the time because it's my therapy :)
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