Rejected False reports should be a slay on the false reporter

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Legendary, May 12, 2019.

  1. Legendary

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  2. 11Cent

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    why though? do you need compensation because someone false reported?
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  3. dazza

    dazza taking all bribes Moderator Elite

    If by false report you mean they reported you because they thought you rdmed them but it turns out you didn't then huge disagree

    if however you mean someone randomly reports you with the reason "you mum gay" when you didn't even do anything, then it is a punishable offence, as the MOTD / TTT rules states
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  4. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT VIP

    Iirc its a case by case basis but i was always told to treat false reports as harassment
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  5. Temar

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    We do start warning and possible more for actual false reports, by that i mean troll reports, reports for no reason, reports that are just to replace use of !p
    a lot of reports although turn out to be not RDM are iver because the victim isn't aware of why or doesn't understand rules enough know it isn't RDM, we don't punish for those
  6. Legendary

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    I’m talking about troll reports, like the reports I make
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  7. dazza

    dazza taking all bribes Moderator Elite

    well in that case as already mentioned it already has a punishment protocol

    the reason we don't slay the reporter for troll reports is because it doesn't really achieve much, its not like they ruined a round or anything. think about it, you slay them and they can still do it because you can file reports on rounds you are slain on
  8. Death

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  9. Floof

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  10. TomCat™

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    Blatantly false or misleading reports generally need to be handled by the staff more often (I haven't played in awhile, but I am assuming that this is still the case and it is a problem)

    However, it is a bad idea to implement slays just for the massive grey area it has.

    To break it down to one of the simplest arguments, some people are just dumb. Their reports are going to be stupid and false. But they are earnest, and being slain for an earnest report is a bad thing.

    For a more tangible reason; If people are worried they might get slain for making a report they believe to be true, they just aren't going to make the report. RDM will go up, and the server will overall suffer for it.
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  11. TangoFox

    TangoFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Given that staff already have a pretty solid protocol for blatant false reports, I don't think there's much of a need or want for this suggestion.

    Maybe a staff member could come along and close this up.
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  12. NeverEnding

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    No report is false report until its proven by the judges (in this case, the staff).
  13. Lordyhgm

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    False reports are punishable and are punished, but a slay seems unnecessary seeing as nothing should come of it except a warning to cease. The inconvenience of responding "what?" in a way that takes 10 characters is a few seconds of time, and sometimes reports can be accidents, so making this a rule would leave players wondering why their reporter wasn't slain thinking it was a troll report.

    Also they can just be harmless fun sometimes, rarely, but it can be amusing, so long as it doesn't continue, we can just laugh and move on: