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Should false KOSes be against the rules, regardless of role?

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  1. Pruppy

    Pruppy Elite

    It seems like a bit of a grey area and I'm struggling to get my head around it... I've spoken to a couple staff about this but wanted to open it up to the community and get a general consensus on this...

    What is the deal with False KOSes? It's against the rules for an Inno or a Detective to, but is it for a T? What happens if a T KOSes Inno#1, which then results in Inno#2 killing Inno#1? Who is responsible and is there punishment for this?

    Just recently, I was killed by an inno for shooting at a T after having called them out. The inno wasn't slain for RDM as I could have false KOSed the T; this premise would then mean that anyone shooting anyone, regardless of KOSes is acting in a traitorous manner and thus can be killed for it.

    Basically what I'm saying is, shouldn't false KOSes be against the rules, regardless of role? Should false KOSes be a slayable offence? Or if X has KOSed Y, shouldn't Z wait it out to see the outcome before assuming a false KOS is called and kills X? Should the inno the killed me have been slain for RDM?

    I appreciate this thread is unlikely to overturn a rule with this much complexity to it, but I feel it's definitely something that needs looking at and being further defined.

    Apologies for the rant but this shit is really getting to me bois. Thoughts, opinions?

    Peace out, sorry if this post has offended any of you guys or gals,
    Much love,
  2. TangoFox

    TangoFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    The traitor is responsible for the kill. No punishment since it's a T killing an Inno.

    False KOS's by traitors is a legitimate tactic and should be allowed; as long as they're not calling out their fellow traitors.

    If someone calls a Flase KOS, they can be killed for it once it is confirmed as false; if they call it on you, you'll know it's false immediately.
  3. Pacifist

    Pacifist Howdy Skipper Administrator VIP Bronze

    This is not really the forum for discussion or suggestions. We really just use this for straight QNA and the reason for that is that we have to approve posts in this forum. I can answer your first question, but I'm not going to be giving any opinions. Let me know if you want this moved btw.

    False koses themselves are not against the rules, you can call them all you like... but if someone gets killed the burden is on you. Remember that false koses are traitorous acts, and therefore are not always going to be considered RDM. Here is a simplified breakdown:

    If Innocent calls a false kos on another Innocent, and the Innocent dies because of said kos, that is RDM.

    If Innocent calls a false kos on a Traitor, and the traitor dies because of said kos, that is RDM.

    If Innocent calls a false kos on a Detective, and the detective dies because of said kos, that is a special case where the person who killed the detective would likely be the one to face punishment (You really can't follow a kos that is placed on a detective). However, the Innocent can be killed for calling out a proven person (the detective)

    If Traitor calls out an Innocent, and the Innocent dies because of it, that is NOT RDM, because the kill is technically considered to be the Traitor's.

    If Traitor calls out a Traitor, and that Traitor dies because of it, that is RDM.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Pruppy

    Pruppy Elite

    Honestly, this shit is super fuckin' helpful so firstly, thanks!

    Moving onto the second question that I buried in my ramblings, should the person that killed me have been slain? I appreciate it might be a case by case scenario, but it's bugging me.

    Also, apologies for posting this in the wrong place, feel free to move it to wherever you deem more appropriate :)

  5. Jässa

    Jässa Thick thighs save lives VIP

    T is responsible for the KoS but since its a Traitor calling out an innocent nobody gets punished.

    Nah, imagine being a Traitor, calling out an innocent and then getting slain for it. Its your whole job to kill innocents and to get slain for it... would be something else.

    This is already a thing. Z cannot kill X for false KoS unless he knows Y is 100% proven(detective, went through tester etc). Just killing someone for false KoSing because you think KoSed person is innocent is no-go.

    It would had been RDM but since you shot at another player I assume your killer killed you for shooting at other players(valid reasoning).

    Also always bear in mind "false" KoS has multiple meanings.
    1)Calling a KoS for no valid reason.
    2)People also ingame call a KoS, on a person who ends up being proven innocent via testing or dying, false KoS. (+KoS on detective)

    1st one is punished with slays/bans, 2nd one is just a traitorous act which you can kill for ingame but people often have valid reasoning for calling the KoS so no punishment is applied.
  6. Pacifist

    Pacifist Howdy Skipper Administrator VIP Bronze

    I mean, shooting at any person can be considered traitorous. There is no way in knowing if you are acting in good faith or bad faith. Remember that just calling someone out doesn't really give you free reign to kill them, any passerby can see you shooting and act on it. However, if you just call the kos (and you don't shoot at the person at all) you cannot be killed unless the person is identified as innocent (at which time you have called a false kos and can be killed for it).

    I will only move it if you want to have a discussion about false koses. If you just seek answers than this can stay here.
  7. Pruppy

    Pruppy Elite

    Happy my question has been answered, happy for the thread to remain here. Thanks!
  8. Elvis

    Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT VIP

    I want to add to this.

    All pacifist is saying is true, but if you call a kos on someone(other than the detective they are never able to be kosed and if they are it basically auto puts a kos on yourself), they have the right to kos you back, in turn making you killable before the first kos is acted upon. If they dont kos you back then yeah players cant do anything until they are id’d
  9. iii

    iii eye-eye-eye or triple eye is fine VIP

    Related questions:
    Are you allowed to kill/kos someone for calling a false KOS if their reason for calling it is invalid (or you know for a fact is a lie)?

    - Someone calls a kos on the person you're next to "because they had a knife out", but it's the start of the round and you were with the person since the beginning and the other person isn't even in the room at all.
    - Someone calls a kos on the person you're next to "because they're a rdming c-word and killed me last round".

    It's been my understanding that you can kill/kos for false kos on the first example, and that you maybe might be able to kill/kos for the second one too? Is that true?
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  10. Temar

    Temar Administrator VIP

    a KOS is a KOS at the end of the day, sometimes you may not realize exactly whats gone on, but if there statement or the facts as you know them prove it as BS KOS you should not act on it, the idea is to win for your side not help a traitor with a false KOS or assist in an RDM if you know its wrong.

    Repeated behavior of this kind can be considered toxic.

    and as for the person calling a KOS, you need proof that this is kos against an inno and not a traitor before you can kill him, so iver the target is dead or tested in some manner
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