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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Enzo V, Oct 16, 2020.

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  1. Enzo V

    Enzo V Legendary

    Explain the case:
    Bruh what happened? I was banned for what? Don't remember any RDM and Leave. Plus I don't even remember being reported. Someone could have easily messaged me to hop on real quick to take the slay if there was but again I got NO warnings at all. Maybe the spray was not in the right taste? IDK​
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  2. MrSpookySpadow™

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    Moved to TTT Appeals as it was in SB appeals.
    @Ted as he banned u for RDM and Leave
  3. Enzo V

    Enzo V Legendary

    LOL guess ill play tomorrow...
  4. Ted

    Ted The knight in white armor! Administrator VIP+ Silver

    Good morning Enzo,

    You got reported on round 6 of community pool where a discombob launched a player and prop against eachother. Although it might've been accidental. It is still rdm.

    While we had a Tmod at the time online the report itself was solved in a quick manner by that tmod, but when i looked at it you were no longer there...

    Since this is your first RDM & leave ban i will be unbanning you.
    But not voiding it.

    I will not be able to put up any evidence of it untill tommorow evening. (eu time).

    Video of the DS
    Picture of the report and that you were no longer with us.

    I could not find any leave message as you most likely left the server on the mapchange.
    But my full video can support you still being there and no longer be there the next round.

    Ban: Not voided
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