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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Enrico Matassa, May 16, 2019.

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    Enrico Matassa
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    Why you should be unbanned:
    After being unbanned by Sticky Bandit, I sent them a new spray asking if it would be alright. They told me foot content would be fine and confirmed that my post was not gore or porn.

    I had used it for a few days only to be suddenly banned again because once again Mr. Peanutbutter had to start shit when nobody else had a problem, forcibly bringing it to the attention of loads of mods whom have already seen the spray and chosen not to ban or warn me.

    I was then warned and asked to not use it, but I had already changed my spray from that content before I was even asked because Mr. Peanutbutter was complaining.

    It is not fair that I received a warning, adhered to the warning, and then was banned awhile after due to a sudden change of heart. Mr. Peanutbutter has been harassing me for all my sprays despite none of them being explicitly sexual. They are simply deemed sexual by certain mods which shows that there is no specific rule. I was banned for one mod feeling a certain way when other mods felt another.

    Either have an exact rule or remove the ban, it is not fair to flipflop on the subject just because the rule isn't clear enough.

    A foot or a mouth is not explicit and it is not pornographic. If the server deems it to be, that is fine, but I should not be suddenly banned just because that was decided without my notice.

    I was warned, I removed the spray before even being asked to, and yet I am still banned without ever posting pornographic/underaged or otherwise bad content.​
    Evidence of Innocence:
    I'd ask Sticky Bandit to confirm this since I do not personally have screenshots.​
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    I have no personal stake in all of this. I asked @Temar what he thought about the spray and he told me to make the ban. I can personally see an issue with the fact that the spray may depict a person who is underage in a compromising position but as I don't really feel too strongly one way or the other, i'm going to let Temar handle this on my behalf as I don't think I can really come to any objective judgement.
  4. I really want to stress that it is not underaged and just because a character in some content such as the Pokemon cartoon might be underaged does not mean all art or depictions of the character are.
    I don't post my shit to get banned, I wouldn't post an underaged character in a compromising position.
    It's simply being stated as such by Peanutbutter who has been trying to get me banned repeatedly and made the report in the first place going around active mods online because they were not satisfied with the ruling.
    They reported me in game and it was dismissed.
    When I did get banned it was successfully appealed.
    They have simply been searching through for multiple mods/admins until they find one that will ban me.
    My content was cleared to be okay.
    I still removed it and replaced it.
    This isn't about the content, this is about Peanutbutter wanting me banned for no good reason after failing to do so multiple times.
  5. I want to stress again that googling a character's age in a 20 year old cartoon holds no bearing to their age depicted in fan art or outside of that piece of Media.
    Misty is older in games/later anime and more and is only 10 in some cartoon.
    The character was clearly depicted as older, and I hate to be pointing this out since I don't really care, but by the cleavage you can easily tell that they're above 10.
    They are above 18 in the spray and it is a non-point.
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    I did not approve the specific spray you were banned for. I approved feet sprays in general, and told you to contact a staff member if you were ever confused on what's allowed. We're more than happy to review content before you spray it.

    Seems this one crossed the line, and probably for a few different reasons, which I will let Temar explain.
  7. I showed you two sprays that night, this was one of the two.
    The only part I hear people saying crossed the line was it was "underaged" which it is not. Mr. Peanutbutter has just been exclaiming that without basis.
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    This is definitely a questionable Spray.
    The character depicted in the spray is said to be 10, although I can agree this maybe draw to look older, but doesn't change that fact
    The picture showed both under shirt , and underwear which puts it as a more sexual picture
    and since you just got unban and warned for inappropriate spray I decided you needed to be banned for this

    Appeal Denied
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