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Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Tinbuster00, Sep 2, 2015.

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    For a few different reasons:

    1. Current RTV system only allows for 5 of the 17(??) maps to be voted on.

    2. When that weird glitch happens where the next round doesn't start. With !votemap (unless the glitch somehow breaks that though it shouldn't) it will force a map change if a majority votes for a map. Useful if a lead can't get on the sever.
    -Currently the glitch is normally fixed by a lead forcing a map change.
    -Round will also restart when people get bored and all start to leave. Don't know why, but I assume the glitch probably happens due to someone's accidental actions and then whenever they leave it fixed.

    3. With !Votemap players can vote on any map. So it's a nice substitute until another map voting system is added.

    4. Not hard to set up at all, and it can be taken off easily. Just gotta give groups permission to use it.
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    Everyone would just vote for family guy and minecraft over and over again...
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    Not like they already don't, right?
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    Right gonna take this seriously unlike ^^ lol. Anyways, I think that's a really good idea, Not sure if it will be enabled, It was probably disabled for a reason but we will see. I honestly think it is a a good idea but idk the ins and outs of the server. Hopefully we both find an answer and see why it was disabled and if it will be enabled again. Thanks, Irish.
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    No teezy no dumbing no no no no
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