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  1. Opalium

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    Hello players!
    We would like to inform you that as of today, our east coast servers have all been relocated to a new location. We signed a deal with a new and better data-center, with a better connection and better hardware.
    The three affected servers - East 1, East 2 and Deathrun - will now be hosted at Ashburn, Virginia. This also means they are closer to the east coast than before, and together with the improved connection, our east coast players should be seeing much better pings, as well as some improvements to EU players.
    Middle US players may see a small increase in their pings, though this is significantly negated by the better connection as well.

    The addresses for the three servers - east.seriousttt.com, east2.seriousttt.com and east.seriousdr.com - did not change.
    If you have the servers added to your favorites, the new address should update automatically. If not, try to re-add them manually.

    We hope you will enjoy the new servers!
    and Highwon
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  2. irritatingness

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    Ayyyy you put them servers in my back yard. I’ll have to play when I get home.
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  3. Lets hope it doesn't crash so fast
  4. RIP Midwest Players
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  5. jshore

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  7. veL

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    Florida niggas rise up
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  8. As soon as I move from Maryland y'all put this shit in Virginia? Get jihaded
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  9. The Cuddle Team Leader

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    I don't live in virgin.
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  10. .shirt

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    Nice try kid app denied no promoting on the website.
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