Dumb Suggestion (Read - Vote)

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Jabba the Slut, Jun 29, 2020.


Should we remove the Dumb Rating?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  1. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin Elite

    Recently there's been talk of people using the Dumb Rate as a way to instigate people.

    I was discussing this with Highwon earlier, and the easy solution is just to remove the Dumb rating. (We have Disagree/Dislike anyway.)

    Highwon is open to implementing this solution, but we want some community feedback.

    Vote above on the poll if the Dumb rating should be removed, and feel free to discuss this below.
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  2. Fiz

    Fiz Local Soda Can VIP

    post dumb shit expect the dumb rating
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  3. Humancowcakes ❀

    Humancowcakes ❀ I staff the proper way MVP

    Just don't make dumb posts

    Also remove rating privs from roz
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  4. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 kos grumble VIP

    lol no fuck that

    If I think your post is dumb I'm gonna rate it dumb.
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  5. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin Elite

    We did, but Highwon saw fit to restore his privileges. That's what prompted the discussion.
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  6. Orion

    Orion H.U.G.E. Champion 2057 VIP

    This is just Dumb rating bait, Jabba wants to be the #1 Dumb rated in the forums. I see absolutely no problem with this, we've had more toxic times in the community and this wasn't something in the books.
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  7. Humancowcakes ❀

    Humancowcakes ❀ I staff the proper way MVP

    I'm just gonna rate the posts creative (otherwise known as artistic) if it gets removed anyways
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  8. Humancowcakes ❀

    Humancowcakes ❀ I staff the proper way MVP

    Or useful since it calls the person a tool
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  9. Melodica Man™

    Melodica Man™ Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Make dislike a negative rating and I could get behind this
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  10. Frost

    Frost Frosted Pun King Moderator VIP

    @angie It's turning into cG again

    I have a proposition, dumbs should count as a neutral, therefore people can't use it to spite people with, ez

    or just remove the rating privileges for people who abuse it and make it into such an issue
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020
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  11. angie

    angie Elite

    That was fucking brutal.

    Imagine getting upset over a fucking online forums rating.
    Just keep them cuz who cares about a pix-elated box that has no effect on you or your life whatsoever.
    Getting rid of it than you might as well get rid of negative ratings then cuz that's where most of them come from.

    also just don't post things that are dumb dumbby.
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  12. wink

    wink strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Wait, so the rest of the community might lose access to a completely valid rating just because the adminstration disagrees with the way one user uses it????
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  13. Frost

    Frost Frosted Pun King Moderator VIP

    disagree with removing it bc of a few people who abuse it, it's not hard to find people abusing the rating, set a definition, or make it a neutral thing, only reason why people get so uppity is because it's a negative rating.
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  14. Moleman

    Moleman I speak for the moles Moderator VIP

    You cant fool me jabba. This is just bait to get the most dumb ratings
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  15. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    There are reasons why social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, don't have a dislike button: does nothing but increase tension, escalate situations, and essentially wreak negativity. It also doesn't contribute anything to discussions.
    If someone rates dumb, they should tell the person why they believe it's dumb, and for the most part, they can't. They'll say they disagree or dislike it, but we have a separate ratings for that already. So what is the purpose of the Dumb rating?

    Personally I don't really care so long as they don't rate absolutely everything I post dumb. There are times where people say they agree with me, yet rate dumb just out of spite. *cough*Pokeben*cough*

    Overall I voted to remove it for the above reasons. Not because it may jibble my willies, but because it's completely unnecessary to have it in the first place.

    P.S. if you rate this dumb and can't bother to explain why then you're part of the problem and don't have a leg to stand on.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020
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  16. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    So let's just go and have a comprehensive understanding of the dumb rating before we go and get rid of it. See, it all started when xenoforo was introduced, and everyone was like "owo what's this owo" and so began the great dumbing down of our community. At first the dumb rating was mostly used to mock idiots, actualy dumb dumbs, and also as a ploy for Sir Lemoncakes to become the most negatively rated bastard on the godamn planet (here). Since then, a number of lamo loser wannabes like oh totally wanted to copy lemoncakes and achieve the same goal. Spoiler... they all failed...

    Press fast forward and we reach the Rozboon continuum. This is the point where Rozboon began to use the dumb rating very liberally to go after people he did not like. He would essentially just rate them dumb because they exist and he does not like them, but then just say "oh, don't make dumb posts." The administration was bamboozled. Rumor has it, he still rates posts dumb to this day (if you look he probably rated this one dumb to). He basically kicked off a wave of these trolls that essentially just use the dumb rating as a tool to lash out against people that they dislike. I mean, just go to any thread that has a lot of dumb ratings and you'll find it is usually the same 3 or 4 people who are rating all the posts dumb.

    Now, you also have the forbidden rule of "if you say 'don't rate this dumb'" people will rate it dumb. Always. Without fail. For, as you see, there are a lot of low IQ humor people on these forums who think it is just fucking hilarious to do exactly what you tell them not to. These are the same people who eat glue and watch paradise PD (don't fucking @ me). Every now and again a dumb war will start, where two people will just began mass dumbing all the posts by the other person. One of them eventually gets bored, or the other will just stop posting. Basically, you can't have a fire with no fuel.

    But like, what does this all mean at the end of the day? I don't think that the rating itself needs to go, I think the mindless dumb fucks who use these ratings all the time need to go. They add nothing to this community, and more or less just make life a living hell for us honest memers. However, I should also point out the common "hey, why are you getting mad... it is just a rating," to those people I would basically just like to inform you that you are just the kind of retard this community needs, and god fucking bless you.
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  17. degolfer222

    degolfer222 #TeamLunatics for life Moderator VIP

    I rated it dumb because you said not to :coffee:

    Anyways, I like the dumb rating, let's keep it. Its just a lil box, definitely not worth getting upset about.
  18. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    At the end of the day, people rate dumb because of their dislike for the user, not their opinions, otherwise they would simply rate it 'disagree'.

    I didn't say not to, I said you don't have any good reason to keep it.
    Read the first sentence of my post and you can already find at least 4 good reasons for why it should be removed.
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  19. Elvis

    Elvis mufuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Moderator Legendary

    Bro what? Its just a rating. It means nothing. You cant use it against someone in a report, appeal, or application. Leave the ratings be lmao dont pull a cG that shit was wack
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  20. Humancowcakes ❀

    Humancowcakes ❀ I staff the proper way MVP

    You just don't like that all your dumb ideas get dumbed
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