Finished [DONE] 80K Points Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by ZeRo, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. BeedoBoyo

    BeedoBoyo A man of men from the man-man VIP

    finally will be able to get all upgrades, and maybe all skins
  2. Dr.Death

    Dr.Death VIP Silver

    With these points I would like to (try) get all the upgrades I can, starting with the ones I find most useful. Thanks for the giveaway :)
  3. Zenu

    Zenu Member

    Insta kill knife, and lots of t rounds.
  4. buy lots of memes
  5. T Round's and Triple Harpoon.
  6. Teapot

    Teapot BSoD VIP

    If I win, I will finish the rest of my upgrades and probably enjoy buying T more often.
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  7. Pups

    Pups VIP

    Winner winner chic ken dinner! i need triple harpoon so I am on a fair foot when fighting sith. I will pound him with triple wood.

    Also I want to make healthy burritos in a working microwave because currently the ones I make just explode and kill everyone -sigh-
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  8. Get insta Knife and Radar upgrades.
  9. EddyS'ghetti

    EddyS'ghetti New Member

  10. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

    Spend the points on the lottery
  11. Thanks for the giveaway, i couldn't ever save up to 80k lol.

    Would buy insta-knife & deathstation & Some T rounds :D
  12. Doomblade3890

    Doomblade3890 Supporter

    I'd spend them on triple harpoon and finish maxing out my TTT perk trees.
  13. Cloud -z-

    Cloud -z- VIP

    I cant remember if I commented so id like to finish off a couple of the upgrades and maybe a jihad sound or a few more models! Thanks!
  14. Insta. Knife. Will. Be. Mine! *Heavy breathing*
  15. Meow

    Meow VIP

    YAY more perks
  16. I weould buy everything and then i would give spare points to the other people who are good rule followers
  17. Gonco

    Gonco white knight VIP

    Upgrade my crowbar so I can make some nice murals. And buy AK's.
  18. forgot if i replied my reasoning or not, I wanna buy some of those silent knife upgrades and radar and dna scannar stuff.
  19. Xaxago

    Xaxago "Goodbye Mike"-Eleven VIP

    I would buy upgrades, need that triple harpoon :p
  20. Tbh probably lotto tickets