Dolls should be less frequent

Discussion in 'Vanilla Discussion' started by Pugrus, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Pugrus

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    I swear that every other map that isn't Motel is Dolls like the rotation is Dolls - Motel - Other map - repeat. Like Dolls is horrible because everyone tries to be an MLG pro sniper.
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  2. Aquast

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    less brainless shotgun retAR,ds
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  3. Saturnity

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    Think I made this suggestion before but never put it into a thread.

    Why don't we simply block out maps we have played. Basically the current vote system, but it blocks it until like half the square is blocked, so it forces people to play new maps.
  4. this is what happens when you play on a server that has like >10 maps. bound to happen. deal with it. course you could stop being a vanilla pleb and come to the real world :p