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    I'd like to just say that y'all always quicker to hate the worst of something and demonize it into the whole of something in your minds then to actually take a second and try to understand things reasonably. Look at ya boy H3H3 for a good example, and I'm using that dude cause I know y'all love him, but that dude constantly takes the worst of, say, feminism, and contorts it into the "whole" of feminism in your brains. It's my belief that reddit is full of a bunch of cucks too scared of their own sexual feelings that they gotta take their sexual frustration as women's fault and, subsequently, hate women. On the other side of things the majority of 4chan users probably hate women for more of an elliot rogers "why won't they fuck me" type reason - but at the end of the day all y'all probably googlin' how to make ur dick longer.

    Anyways. Point is y'all probably never met anyone who don't identify as male or female. Y'all probably got like one or two trans friends on the internet at most, and that's why the lot of ya have thrown "trans" in as "ok with me too" as an after-thought. I live in a queer house rn with trans and non-binary roommates, and a lot of my close friends are non-binary. Course up until a couple years ago I'd never met anyone who didn't identify as the scientific gender they were born as. My girlfriend at the time would sometimes talk about some of these genderqueer types and I'd just ignore her cause it sounded like some stupid shit and I was trying to watch my H3H3 videos and play Gmod. Of course later I had my first run in with a "non-binary" person (in case you are wondering, non-binary is when you don't identify as male or female, and prefer "they/them" pronouns). Some super hot DJ/Model that I'd never met but wanted to marry. After addressing them as "she/her" I got corrected by my roommates and told that I gotta use "they/them", and that this particular person was a little intense about that. In my eyes they were definitely female, and I had no idea how I'd keep a consistent "they/them" for 'em without fucking up and getting yelled at by them (which is I guess what I expected of non-binary people at the time based off my cringe comps and w/e). Anyways I never fucked them.

    Anyways, little bit down the line there I've had a FWB for about 6 months and call them "her" in one brief moment (middle of casual conversation like normal), but I get corrected suddenly and they say to me "Uhh, you know I don't identify as a girl right?" (which I didn't), and re-direct me to some instagram posts from months ago with a caption "I'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRLI'M NOT A GIRL", and some more that were more descriptive, basically explaining "I don't identify as a girl. Female pronouns make me feel uncomfortable. I'd prefer they/them, or even he/him", and this is a very chill person, so the conversation was easy and they were understanding. In fact all of my experiences with non-binary people have been very understanding to me getting it wrong the first time. This one's a little more difficult to get used to then others since I wasn't corrected until 6 months down the line, and am usually corrected immediately or told prior by someone else that the person I'm about to meet is non-binary. What's pretty useful (and logical) is to just use they/them regularly for everyone unless otherwise corrected. I know my trans roommate doesn't like they/them, so obviously I use she/her for her, as with my girlfriend doesn't care for they/them so I use "she/her" for her since she really identifies as a girl. While back (before i started using they/them regularly) I dated a girl with a boy's name and kept using they/them for them and probably made my mom think I was gay.

    Point is these people are people. If they're in your life and you care for them and respect them then obviously make an effort to use their pronouns and shit, otherwise you're kinda just a shitty friend. It's pretty easy, really. Once you get your mind around what these queergenders are and see your friends as them and use the correct pronouns it just becomes natural, anything else is forced. I've been using non-binary as an example cause like I said that's pretty much what the majority of my experience has been aside from some tinder matches that never amounted to much - most of my friends who are genderqueer are just non-binary. I've never seen anyone identify as gender-fluid before. Most of the posts seemed directed at that for some reason, and I'm guessing that's likely the result of stigma rather that actual experience. Idk. It seems like a more intense example like this stupid post
    All this meme'd up "i identify as an attack helicopter ha ha" is the dumbest shit ever, and fuck anyone who says stupid shit like that. In reality, people aren't really like the meme'd up version of them y'all got in your minds. I've never met anyone who had me EXPECT to know their preferred gender/pronouns prior to telling me and get mad at me for seeing with my eyes (which I'm assuming is what most of you are expecting to happen). That doesn't mean that there aren't people like that out there, cause there for sure are. They just aren't chill people and you probably don't want to be their friend anyway. My ex went to art school with a person who on the first day said their name was "lemon" and that they identify as "IT" (so i'm misgendering them rn obviously but honestly fuck anyone named Lemon who identifies as "it") and handed the teacher a long list of trigger words that he had to give a trigger warning before mentioning any of them so she could leave the room. And so yeah, fuck that person.

    If you ask me I believe that some genderqueer people use it as a way to gain oppression from their world. Because being straight and white you feel like you're an enemy to anti-racist and anti-homophobic movements, or simply want to be a part of them like "oh ya guys like me too I'm oppressed my life is also hard" - and so fuck those people too. It can be attention oriented for sure. But most genderqueer people I've met are just really chill, nice people who don't feel comfortable with the gender they were born with, and y'know I don't see em as that either anymore and I'd be uncomfortable too if someone called 'em as such.

    This is pretty rambly and IDK what specific point I was trying to make, but I'm pretty sure I just wanted to try to open up some sort of divide in your damn brains between the extremists and whole of genderqueer people (or at least that's what my opening bit about H3H3 and feminism seemed on about). I'm pretty hungover so I aint thinkin' too well. It takes meeting people and liking them to understand them, I guess. Did for me. Until then I mean... why would you even express an opinion on it. Obviously you don't know anything aside from what's in your own minds, and if you identify as your birth gender and have no problem with that then it's pretty likely that you have no idea how any of these people feel and can only make assumptions that they're all horrible based on reddit and cringe compilations.

    This for instance is an extreme example of what many of y'all probably thinking. This fucking dumbass tho for instance actually thinks someone would be trans for attention.

    It's all about getting past your own pre-conceived notions about what people are based on what you yourself are.
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  2. Zack

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    dog, just to briefly cut down almost everything you said, your personal experiences aren't everyone else's. Don't tell me how I think or feel. :d
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    Move to Canada then, kimosabe.
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    Ill chalk you down for other.
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    cis actually. sometimes i makeout with boys but i don't count that as gay
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    aye like kissing the homies goodnight
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    thought id give my 2 cents on this bc of personal experience

    well like most people here id say its just like a penis, im fine with it until you start shoving it down my throat

    personally im fine with any gender although anything other than trans, male and female makes me question them a little but if theyre happy with it and dont go around telling people repeatedly that theyre a fucking toaster then all is good, every now and then i joke with my friends about the theres only two genders thing but its more of a really edgy joke than a personal opinion

    in my current college class i know a transgender guy (girl to guy), he seems cool and im quite intrigued by him because this is the first time ive seen this gender thing irl, and also given how i live in a country that still has gay marriage illegal and churches protesting against gay pride, its really is interesting to meet a transgender in person

    i also used to be agender (ie neither male nor female, no gender) back when i was 16 - 17, it was fucking cringey i tell you, i remember correcting my friends whenever they referred to me as she by telling them to refer to me as they, i even went out of twitter to repeatedly remind everyone im neither a girl nor a boy and its 200% more cringey than my angsty teenager phase of my life
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  11. BlueGalaxy

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    This kind of bullshit is what grinds my gears. People have to go as far as to make a complete list of "genders" and it's utter bullshit.
  12. Scotty

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    I gotta say this is the most straight forward answer in here.

    My thing is like this, be who you wanna be. You could Identify as a damn Mountain Dew bottle for all I care. Just as long as we can respect what the other wants to be then by all means identify as whatever. For me I only think 2 genders as Male and Female, but good on you if you identify as something else.
  13. Only on Deathrun though.
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    @TomCat™ , that shit is disturbing. Children have no reason to be exposed to this kind of non-sense. They're barely old enough to know which crayons they like best, and these morons are dropping their gender vomit all over them? No wonder at all that there's so much wrong with today's younger kids.
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  18. Juice Juice™

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    Her videos legit make me afraid, in their own way. It's getting more and more prominent, not less.
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  19. My core beliefs are that there are males and that there are females. Of course there are situations where you're a mix of both when you're born and to me that is the sole exception. I can respect trans people if they're convincing enough (Like if you're a big burly dude with a wig on and identify as female I'm not going to take you seriously). However, anything else I just can't take seriously. If someone tells me they're anything that I haven't listed so far I will respect their right to their opinion but likely won't be seeing them again.
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  20. Kyül

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    stop making simple things complicated and complicated things simple yall